Regular meeting

October 4th – 5th, 2005


ROLL CALL:                          Roberta Crockett, M.A., Chairman

                                                Bobbie Birdsall Ph.D.                                                

                                                Jerome Fischer, Ph.D.

                                                Brenda Freeman, Ph.D.

                                                Kathryn T. Hill


ABSENT/EXCUSED             Eric Jones, Ph.D


ALSO PRESENT:                   Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                                Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Stephanie Guyon, Deputy Attorney General

                                                Kevin Malveaux, Technical Records Specialist I

Piper Field, President, ID Assoc of Marriage & Family Therapists

                                                Anne Moore, ICA, PP&L Chair

                                                Chantel Jones, IMHCA, PP&L Chair

                                                Marcie McGinty, Administrative Assistant Investigative Unit

                                                Pat Guidry, Representative of Medicaid 


Chairman Roberta Crockett opened the meeting at 9:05 a.m.


Bobbie Birdsall moved to approve the minutes of July 19th, 2005 as amended. Seconded by Jerome Fischer, motion carried..


Stephanie Guyon, Deputy Attorney General


COU-2005-6: Board Stipulation

The Board stipulation is: Continue Education regarding relevant Ethical issues reflecting 2005 ACA Code of Ethics, 1-year suspension, 15-hours/1 Semester of Continued Education, Payment of Costs and Fees, Educate him/herself on the proper protocol for Idaho Code 54-3410A and ACA Code of Ethics A.3a and E.3.a (Informed Consent/Disclosure to Clients).


Bobbie Birdsall moved to go into Executive Session.  Seconded by Jerome Fischer, motion carried.


Jerome Fischer moved to come out of Executive Session.  Seconded by Bobbie Birdsall, motion carried..



Board determination for Case Number COU-2003-1, Board is requesting for the Respondent to submit discharge summary, evidence of CEU’s, evidence of relapse plan, sober-living treatment plan, with long-term treatment discharge summary and any other related documentation. Additionally, the Board requests evidence of the Respondent’s rehabilitation and description of the program that was attended, all inpatient and outpatient records, and letters of recommendation from the Respondent’s Rehabilitation Providers. The Board also makes known that no further action will be taken, until Board meets the Respondent. The Board then will revisit the Respondent’s initial application for licensure, before the Board will evaluate and/or reinstate the Respondent’s request for licensure.


Bobbie Birdsall moved to accept the above proposal and that no future actions be taken until the Board meet with the Respondent. Seconded by Jerome Fischer, motion carried.





Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

Ms. Jacobsen reported to the Board that the Bureau’s remodel is complete. The Bureau lost three investigators, gaining two Technical Records Specialist 1, and a new Deputy Bureau Chief, Bill Schaefer. Legislative Report: three of the four new boards have been appointed. Over 300 regular contractors have registered with the Bureau as of Oct 2005. The Naturopaths Board has not been appointed yet. Proposed Rules have been submitted and published.  The Bureau has a two-week window to make any changes to the published/ proposed Rules. Investigations have been on track. People are using the Investigation process. Contractor’s registration hasn’t worked out the kinks with online application process. Contractors have been printing off the registration forms and sending them in.


Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report showing a positive balance of $53,871.82 at the beginning of Fiscal year 2006 (as of Wednesday, September 7th, 2005). He announced that the Cash Balance has been declining because we have just started the new Fiscal year. Every Fiscal year rent is due and additional expenses are accrued and paid for in that current year. Budd Hetrick proposes a fee change for licensure. He will research the cap on fee changes. The Board was informed on the financial status, past, present and future trends and payroll expenses. Mr. Hetrick proposed a recommendation for increasing fees for licensures for 2007. He also reported to the Board that the reason for the increased expense cost was due to increasing investigations and legal actions.  Budd Hetrick also reviewed the Idaho State Board of Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapy (past/ proposed future) Contract.


Jerome Fischer moved to accept the proposed contract.  Seconded by Brenda Freeman,  motion carried.


Jerome Fischer moved to sign the contract. Seconded by Brenda Freeman,  motion carried.


Investigation Trends  

FY2006 To date, no complaints have been received.

FY-2005:  Twenty-eight (28) complaints were received.  Of those, four (4) were closed without action; two (2) were referred for formal action; twenty (20) remain under investigation; and two (2) await Board determination.

FY-2004:  Twenty-six (26) complaints were received.  Of those, thirteen (13) were closed without action; five (5) were referred for formal action; and eight (8) remain open and under investigation.

FY-2003:  Twenty-one (21) complaints were received.  Of those, nine (9) were closed without action; four (4) were referred for formal action; six (6) remain under investigation; and two (2) await Board determination.

There are four (4) pending disciplinary actions.

COU-P4A-2-2005-19: Bobbie Birdsall moved to accept.  Seconded by Brenda Freeman,  motion carried.


COU-P6-1-2005-7: Chairman Closes: motion Carried.


COU-L1-2—2003-15: Chairman Closes: motion Carried


COU-L1-2-2003-16: Chairman Closes: motion Carried.


Recess for lunch.


The Chair Roberta Crockett called the meeting to order at 1:20 p.m. with board members: Brenda Freeman, Kathryn Hill, Jerome Fischer, and Bobbie Birdsall.


Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney


Mr. Hales discussed the legal process for promulgating administrative rules.  After publication of the proposed rules in the administrative rules bulletin the public has a twenty-one day comment period in which to submit written comments on the proposed rules.  Discussion was also held on the Code of Ethics for 2005.


Mr. Hales reviewed the written concerns regarding the rules (150.b) governing the internship or practicum supervision requirements for Licensed Professional Counselors and the adequacy of the supervision provided my non-counselors.   


Piper Field stated that she would be submitting a written comment in opposition to the proposed rules.



Roberta Crockett attended a conference on Portability and presented information to the Board. Portability Policies and Procedures are as such: it is based off a two level system- modeled off of Louisiana’s Law/Rules. The Board Representative was dissatisfied with the proposed system of Portability and suggested looking into a regional system of Portability first.  The Board would like to model a system of portability after the Certificate of Professional Qualifications of Psychology (CPQ). CPQ has in place a “grandfather” program that allows senior professionals not having all the currently required documents and courses needed for licensure, to still have the ability to apply for licensure in other states. 


Pat Guidry, Representative of Medicaid, discussed Medicaid’s role in reclassification of Marriage and Family Therapist interns (LMFTI).  In 2006, Medicaid will be raising the requirements for professionals performing assessments. Medicaid was questioning: could LMFTI’s perform the same duties as LMFT’s (i.e. assessments)? Rule 54.34.02 allows LMFTI’s the ability to function like LMFT’s in performing assessments. LMFTI’s have the same skill sets as LFMT’s. Medicaid is planning to expand their services by adding LMFTI’s into Medicaid services, which will allow LMFTI’s to bill Medicaid.


Gisela Woggon

Ms. Woggon addressed the Board regarding her application under Endorsement.


Bobbie Birdsall moved to go into Executive Session, seconded by Jerome Fischer.  The motion carried.


Jerome Fischer moved to come out of Executive Session, seconded by Bobbie Birdsall.  The motion carried.


Jerome Fischer moved to license Gisela Woggon for Licensure as a  Marriage and Family Therapist, seconded by Brenda Freeman.  The motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at 4 p.m. and will resume the following day 9 a.m.



October 5th, 2005

The Chairman Bobbie Birdsall called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

The Chair requested to review agenda.





Associations meetings in 2006 and who will attend was discussed. A tentative list includes:

AAMFTRB            - Drs. Jones, Dr. Fischer and Ms. Crockett are attending; requesting for

  Budd Hetrick to accumulate a list of defined complaints reported, so they 

  can present this information to the organization and for him to interpret

  what is dual-relationships.

AASCB                 - Meeting in Phoenix, AZ; January 12th-14th, 2006 with Bobbie Birdsall,

  Kathryn Hill are attending.

ICA                       - Meeting will be January 27th-28th, 2006; they will be updating people on

  the updated rules.

CLEAR                  - Conference discussed the exam for LMFT’s; and were looking for

  professionals in the field to come up with questions for the exam.

NBCC                   - Discussed on-line National Counselors examination and possibly NBCC

  will be setting up a computer-based training option.

MCHMCE             - Requesting updates to show a link to website for the forms for

  examination. (Intent to sit forms)


Jerome Fischer and Brenda Freeman updated the Board on Internet Counseling, discussing Inform Consent, Code of Ethic, and their personal recommendations. Suggested that a written paragraph describing the Counselors and Clients Rights, while using the system. Brenda Freeman discusses the new Code of Ethics, which emphasizes the importance of Informed Consent, stressing the approval by the ACA in identifying the need for specific codes relating to new technology in the field of counseling. They have observed increased interest in the areas of Chat-room Counseling, and understand that the Board has to condition themselves for this new forum. Brenda Freeman will be updating the Board on E-Counseling at the next Board meeting.


Bobbie Birdsall motioned to go into Executive Session, Chair accepts, Jerome Fischer seconded motion, and the motion carried.


Jerome Fischer motioned to come out of Executive Session, Chair accepts, Bobbie Birdsall seconded motion, and the motion carried.


The Chair motioned to adjourn for lunch, Bobbie Birdsall seconded the motion, and the motion carried.


The Board adjourned for lunch at 12 p.m. and will resume at 1:15 p.m.


The Chair calls meeting to order at 1:20 p.m.


Jerome Fischer motioned to go into Executive Session, Chair accepts, Bobbie Birdsall seconded the motion, and the motion carried.


The Chairman motioned to come out of Executive Session, Bobbie Birdsall seconded the motion, and the motion carried.


Jerome Fischer and Bobbie Birdsall request to be added to the calendar for November 3rd, 2005 to address concerns regarding the Code of Ethics pertaining to E-Counseling.


Brenda Freeman moved to License those applicants who were approved by the Board and to send letters to the rest, the Chair accepts, Bobbie Birdsall seconded the motion, and the motion carried.


The Board requests that Brenda Freeman will represent the Counselor Board on October 27th, 2005 at the Psychology Board meeting. In addition, they would like Ms. Guidry to also by notified about the upcoming board meeting regarding PSR workers and would like for her to attend.


Bobbie Birdsall motioned to adjourn meeting, Chair accepts, Jerome Fischer seconded the motion, and the motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.




________________________________    ________________________________

 Roberta Crockett, M.A., Chairman               Jerry Fischer, Ph.D, Vice Chair



________________________________    ________________________________

Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.                          Kathryn T. Hill



________________________________    ________________________________

Eric Jones, Ph.D.                                              Brenda Freeman, Ph.D.




Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief


Licenses Issued




Toni Adamson                                      LPC-3534                   10/07/05

Jacqueline Butera                               LPC-3268                      10/07/05

Amanda Bulter                         LPC-3471                   10/07/05         

Steve Erlandson                                    LPC-3511                   10/07/05

Patti Gabrick                                        LPC-3518                   10/07/05

Dana Van Der Giessen             LPC-3466                   10/07/05

David J. Grapp                                    LPC-3339                    10/07/05

Amee Hardy                                         LPC-3530                   10/07/05

Nicole Hill                                            LPC-3353                   10/07/05

Pamela Knutson                                   LPC-3507                   10/11/05

Kira Lane                                             LPC-3502                   10/11/05

David Miner                                         LPC-3394                   10/11/05

Lisa Paternoster                                    LPC-3392                   10/11/05         

Robert Wilkinson                                  LPC-3264                   10/11/05

Christina Sloan                                     LPC-3485                   10/19/05

Karen Simmons                                    LPC-3425                   10/11/05

Susan Thon                                          LPC-3509                   10/11/05

Brenda Torres                                      LPC-3329                   10/11/05

Janelle Wise                                         LPC-3512                   10/11/05

Cindy Youngstrom                                LPC-3457                   10/11/05



Lee Boyd                                            LCPC-2736                 10/11/05

Brandon Browning                                LCPC-3535                 10/12/05

David Kleist                                         LCPC-3493                 10/12/05

Dawn Toth                                           LCPC-3421                 10/12/05



Gisela Woggon                                     LMFT-3527                 10/11/05



Cyndia Glorfield                                   COUI-3531                 10/12/05

Jaclyn Ramsey                                      COUI-3528                 10/12/05