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Minutes of February 3-4, 2004


ROLL CALL:                          Eric Jones, Ph.D., Chairman

                                                Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.

                                                Jun Shiosaki

                                                Jerome Fischer, Ph.D.

                                                Richard Craig, Ed.D.

                                                Roberta Crockett, M.A.


Chairman Jones called the meeting to order at 9:06a.m. 

Dr. Craig moved to table the minutes and business portion until February 4, 2004.  Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried. 

Robert Payne, Chairman of the Idaho Social Workers Board of examiners and Ann Marie Nelson, representative of the Idaho Psychology Board of Examiners, met with the Board to discuss co-operation between boards and to establish a subgroup to keep in contact by e-mail on licensure requirements. The sup-group will be Dr. Birdsall and Dr. Payne. 

Ms. Crockett moved to go into executive session to consider records that are exempt from disclosure as provided in Chapter 3, Title 9, Idaho Code.  Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Fischer moved to come out of executive session. Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried. 

Mr. Shiosaki moved to recess the meeting at 4:05p.m.and reconvene the meeting on February 4, 2004. Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

FEBRUARY 4, 2004 

Chairman Jones called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m. with all Board members present, as well as, Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief, Stephanie Guyon, Deputy Attorney General, Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief and Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report showing a positive balance of $88,371.94. The expenses continue to exceed revenue, and the Bureau will continue to monitor and advise the Board of its financial situation. 

Dr. Craig moved to form a subcommittee to work with the Bureau to examine the expenses on examination, application and renewal fees for a possible increase in these fees or adding an administration fee for the examination.  The sub-committee members are to be Dr. Fischer and Ms. Crockett. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the investigative report showing that 13 complaints have been received for this year, 11 of which are open and under investigation. For fiscal year 2003, one is pending and 2 require Board Action. For fiscal year 2002, four are open and under investigation. For fiscal year 2001, two are open and under investigation. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the Bureau’s investigative recommendation report for Board determinations. 

For COU-L2A-2-2004-6 Dr. Craig moved to send a letter to the person to use the name on the license or change the name on the license.  Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried with one abstention. 

For COU-B1-2-2004-5 Dr. Fischer moved to close the case based upon Bureau recommendation. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

For COU-P4-1-2003-4 Dr. Birdsall moved to close the case based upon Bureau recommendation.  Ms. Crockett seconded and the motion carried. 

For COU-P5A-1-2003-2 Mr. Shiosaki moved to table a decision until the file is reviewed by Dr. Fischer.  Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

Ms. Guyon met with the Board to discuss disciplinary recommendations. 

For COU-2004-01 -  Dr. Fischer moved that the Board authorize a consent agreement requiring the respondent to obtain six months of supervision.  The respondent must meet bi-weekly with the supervisor, and the supervisor must file an anger management and mental health evaluation. The supervisor must be familiar with the specific client population addressed in the complaint and be a Licensed Professional Counselor. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

For COU-2004-02 -  Dr. Craig moved that the Board authorize a consent agreement requiring a six-month suspension and that a Registered supervisor, approved by the Board, meet with the respondent for one year of counseling, with a report to the Board at the end of the year.  The respondent must obtain 30 contact hours of graduate Ethics classes, obtain a Drug and Mental Health Evaluation, and pay recovery of investigative and legal costs. The respondent will bear the costs of the required counseling and coursework .  Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried.   

Roger Hales met with the Board to discuss licensee retention of client records.  Record retention is not specified in the Professional Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapy Law or Rules. Confidentiality and juvenile issues are also not addressed.  These two issues are Association matters and could be addressed by the Idaho Counselor Association or American Counselors Association.  Dr. Fischer moved to have Chairman Jones draft a letter to the Associations addressing this issue.  Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried. 

Mr. Hales addressed the issue of Clinical Counselors being able to diagnose.  The Code of Ethics state that counselors can diagnose if they have had appropriate training or education. The Standards of Practice also use the word “Diagnose.”  

Discussion was held on the new rule requiring one hour of ethics continuing education per year. That rule will be effective when the legislature adjourns this year. The Board requested that a temporary rule for the effective date of this one hour of ethics be drafted for consideration during May meeting. 

The Board asked the Bureau to send a letter to all LPC’s. LCPC’s and LMFT’s inviting them to register as Supervisors.   

A letter will be sent to the Associations and the Governor’s office regarding the expiration of the Board’s educator position currently held by Dr. Craig.  


The Board asked that the supervisor registry form be changed to allow an applicant to specify registration as a Counselor Supervisor and/or a Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor. 

The Board also asked that checklist forms be drafted for Interns and Supervisor Registry applications. 

Discussion was held on using the same class credits to meet two requirements on the application. The Board noted that classes may be used in two areas, but the credit total cannot exceed the number of credits earned for each class.  A taskforce from Northwest Nazarene University and Idaho State University will be asked for feedback on this issue at the May meeting. 


Discussion was held on allowing Home Study to meet the Supervisor Registry qualification of 15 contact hours.  The Board determined that Home Study may be used to fulfill this requirement, if the course is approved through NBCC or is from an Idaho approved provider. 

The following were added to the list of pre-approved continuing education providers:

                        APA – American Psychological Association

                        ACA – American Counseling Association

                        AAMFT – American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

                        NASW – National Association of Social Workers



The following were assigned to attend the National Meetings: 

AASCB – January 2005  Dr. Fischer and the new board member

CLEAR and AMFTRB – September 20-October 3, 2005  Dr. Birdsall and Dr. Jones

NBCC – January 2005 Dr. Birdsall and Ms. Crockett


Dr. Birdsall moved to terminate files for lack of activity. Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Fischer moved to issue new licenses to those approved by the Board.  Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried. 

Certificates, per diem, travel vouchers and the minute book were signed. 

Mr. Shiosaki moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:20p.m.  Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

Licensed Professional Counselor issued 02/06/2004

Erica Ohman                              LPC-2709

Shandi Hughes                          LPC-2833

Charmayne M. Alegria              LPC-2938

Eve A. Foster                             LPC-3037

William James Eckersell          LPC-3060

Eve Bright Heart                        LPC-3083

Tiffany Anne Bascom                LPC-3091

Sarah L. Albrich                         LPC-3097

Krystine Ananda Gohnert         LPC-3108

Glyn Travis Deputy                    LPC-3109

Janice McIssac                         LPC-3117

Jason Munzke                            LPC-3118

Susan Michelle Jennings          LPC-3126

Linda Shook                                LPC-3132

Ran Einarsdottir                          LPC-3141

Phares Book                                LPC-3142

Shawn Akina                                LPC-3169

Brenda Jean Laughery               LPC-3181


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor issued 02/10/2004

LeeAnn A. Turpin                         LCPC-2814

Russell H. Peterson                     LCPC-3125

Timothy J. Hoekstra                    LCPC-3135

Karen J. Michaelson                    LCPC-3167

Lawrence R. Alford                       LCPC-3171

Stephanie A. Schoen-Orr             LCPC-3187

Terry A. Buster                              LCPC-3188

Brad G. Baker                                LCPC-3192

Evan D. Karlson                             LCPC-3194

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor                                issued

Ray Edward Cammack                 LCPC-3129                            02/24/04

Debbie Jo Boyd                             LCPC-3191                            02/26/04

Cynthia Anne Mauserall               LCPC-3189                            02/28/04


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy issued 02/12/2004

Christine Rose Bonham                LMFT-3107

Eric Blaine Harms                          LMFT-3179

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