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Minutes of July 22-23, 2003


ROLL CALL:              Eric Jones, Ph.D., Chairman

                                    Roberta Crockett, M.A.

                                    Jun Shiosaki

                                    Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.

                                    Richard Craig, Ed.D.

                                    Jerry Fischer, Ph.D.


ALSO PRESENT:            Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                    John Kersey, Chief Investigator

                                    Janice Wiedrick, Office Specialist II


Chairman Jones called the meeting to order at 9:08a.m. 

Dr. Fischer moved to approve the minutes of May 6-7, 2003 as read. Ms. Crockett seconded and the motion carried. 

Mr. Hetrick reviewed the Financial Statement showing a positive balance of $114,851.48. 

Mr. Hetrick reviewed the complaint report and reported that 29 complaints are currently under investigation. 

Ms. Jacobsen reported that this year there is no pre-filing of bills.  The bills will go from RS form to the committees and the committees will decide which bill will go for presentation. 

The Board was cautioned to not send anything to the Legislature that is not vital. 


The Board would like information sent to all licensees about the supervision rules for interns and supervisors that start in 2004. 

Dr. Birdsall moved that the Bureau send out a postcard to inform licensees about the supervision requirement and the information on the web site. 

Mr. Hales is to draft rules language on intern registration and supervisor registration. 

The process to register interns and supervisors is to be established by the Bureau.

A space for the name of the registered supervisor will be included on the Intern Registration form. 

Licensed Professional Counselors may register but Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy MUST register. 

Ms. Crockett moved for the separate Rule for LMFT’s as drafted by Roger be accepted. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

Roberta Crockett moved to add to the Continuing Education rule that Ethics be added.  One hour of Ethics for Continuing education per year for Marriage and Family Therapy and Pastoral Counselors.  Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Craig moved to accept Mr. Hales draft rules for 238, 400 and 245.  Jun Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried. 

Lunch Break 

Chairman Jones called the meeting to order at 1:03p.m. with all members present. 

Congratulations were given to Dr. Birdsall on her reappointment to the Board. 

Ms. Crockett moved to authorize the Bureau to approve the Marriage and Family Therapy Examination candidates to take the Exam once they have completed the Intent To Sit form.  Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Birdsall moved to approve the Intern Registration form and the Supervisor Registration form to be used by the Bureau.  Ms. Crockett seconded and the motion carried. 

Ms. Crockett moved to go into executive session for discussion of matters exempt from public disclosure. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Fischer moved to come out of executive session. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

For the case number COU S3-01-00-001, The Board is returning the case to the Attorney General’s office for corrections and will address the issue at a future time. 

Dr. Fischer moved to go into executive session for review of application files exempt from public disclosure. Dr. Craig seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Birdsall moved to come out of executive session.  Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

Jun Shiosaki moved that the meeting recess at 4:45p.m.and to reconvene at 9:00a.m. on July 23, 2003. Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

Chairman Jones called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m. with all members present. 

Dr. Birdsall moved to go into executive session for review of application files exempt from public disclosure. Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Fischer moved to come out of executive session.  Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

Jun Shiosaki moved to issue licenses to all approved candidates.  Dr. Fischer seconded the motion and the motion carried. 

LPC’s  -24 licensed 

LCPC’s  -14 licensed 

LMFT’s –52 licensed. 


The Board business file was cleared with the following actions: 

The National Council on Rehabilitation would like the Board to accept the CRC (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Exam) to be accepted as the equivalent to the NBCC Exam (National Board of Certified Counselors).  This is to be discussed at the October meeting. 

The following meetings to be attended by the noted Board members: 

NBCC – Dr. Fischer

AMFTRB- Dr. Birdsall and Roberta Crockett

AASCB- Dr. Craig and Dr. Jones.

ICA- By any or all Board members who can attend. 

Dr. Craig is to respond to a letter by September 30, 2003 from AASCB about the portability of licenses and adoption of standards. 

On the agenda for the October 7-8, 2003 meeting: 

Discuss use of the NCMHC exam in licensure of Clinical Professional Counselors. 

Dr. Jones to write a proposal for the Association meetings to remove the diagnostic requirement and add the NCMHC examination requirement. 

Adding Continuing Education requirement to Law for Clinical Professional Counselors. 

Dr. Birdsall moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:35a.m. Ms. Crockett seconded and the motion carried.

Licenses Issued: 

LPC-2660            Carrie L. Thomas                           7-23-2003               

LPC-2780            Lois I. Johnson                              7-23-2003                           

LPC-2870            Kimberly Michelle Coburn            7-23-2003

LPC-2885            Tracy M. Lara                                 7-23-2003

LPC-2886            Tamara C. Okelberry                     7-23-2003

LPC-2888            Kay Ann Lisenbe                            7-23-2003

LPC-2889            Cynthia S. Shoemaker                   8-16-2003

LPC-2900            James David Jensen                      7-23-2003

LPC- 2919            Kimberly W Johnson                      7-23-2003

LPC-2928            William Patrick Rutherford, Jr.      7-23-2003

LPC- 2931            Barbara Stephany                          7-23-2003

LPC-3000            Ronald Ray Jones                           7-23-2003

LPC- 3022            Allison Camille Nieman                  7-23-2003

LPC-3025            Julie Marie Williams                        7-23-2003

LPC-3028            Geianne Blick Choate                     7-23-2003

LPC-3034            Mark W. Wiseman                            7-23-2003

LPC-3035            Julia Champe                                   7-23-2003

LPC-3052             Megan Marie Shaw                         7-23-2003

LPC-3054            Deborah Marie Shaw                       7-23-2003

LPC-3061            Alisha Bishop                                    7-23-2003               

LPC-3092            Khali Bedke Berlin                            7-23-2003               

LPC-3093            Laura Leie Thulesen                        7-23-2003                                       

LPC-3103            Susan L. Koepnick                           7-23-2003   

LPC-3105            Donna Marie Stalley                         7-23-2003                                       


LPCP-2642            Adam E. Klappenbaugh                7-23-2003                                       

LPCP-2879            Terry Everett Miller                       7-23-2003

LPCP-2968            Kacee Jackson O’Connor             7-23-2003

LPCP-2988            Patricia L. Morris                            7-23-2003

LPCP-3007            Laura Ann Cromwell                       7-23-2003

LPCP-3021            Edward K. Jolliff                              8-13-2003                           

LPCP-3029            SaraLou Harlan                                7-23-2003

LPCP-3030            Edward S. Hinson                             7-23-2003   

LPCP-3039            Judith A. Crews                                 7-23-2003

LPCP-3048            Kipp L. Dana                                       7-23-2003

LPCP-3071            Wendy Taylor                                     7-23-2003   

LPCP-3081            Erica J. Burns                                    7-23-2003

LPCP-3082            Ray James                                         8-08-2003               

LPCP-3098            Jennifer Michelle Crouder               7-23-2003                                 

LPCP-3102            Frank E. Shull                                    7-23-2003

LPCP-3104            Michelle M. LeFurgey                       7-23-2003                                    

LPCP-3106            Ellen L. Jaeger                                  7-23-2003



LMFT-2951            Patricia R. Olson                               7-23-2003                           

LMFT-2980            Deborah Yeager Wellman                7-23-2003   

LMFT-2992            Mary Ann Herzing                             7-23-2003

LMFT-2993            Aundrea Marie Peaslee                   7-23-2003                           

LMFT-2997            Thomas Monroe Maas                     7-23-2003               

LMFT-3006            Kirk Weaver                                       7-23-2003

LMFT-3008            Shirley M. Henderson                       7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3009            Sheila A. Reed                                   7-23-2003   

LMFT-3010            Diana M. Bell                                     7-23-2003

LMFT-3011            Lisa Hettenhausen                           7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3013            Betty McQuirck                                 7-23-2003   

LMFT-3015            Susan C. Barrett                                7-23-2003   

LMFT-3016            Maralee Hubble                                 7-23-2003               

LMFT-3019            Thomas Robert Van Fossen            7-23-2003               

LMFT-3020            Terri L Theriot                                   8-08-2003                           

LMFT-3023            Teresa A. Arana-Wood                     7-23-2003                           

LMFT-2034            Joseph P. McCarron                         7-23-2003   

LMFT-3026            Alice J. Sehon, M.A.                          7-23-2003   

LMFT-2027            Linda Denise Sepa-Newell               7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3031            Kathleen Anne Cameron                  7-23-2003               

LMFT-3032            Judith A. Crews                                 7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3033            Michael J. Harris                               7-23-2003   

LMFT-3036            James Michael Seehof                     7-23-2003   

LMFT-3038            Peter S. Harvey                                 7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3040            Laurie N. Kidd                                    7-23-2003   

LMFT-3041            Debra Skousen                                  7-23-2003   

LMFT-3042            Brad W. Levitt                                    7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3046            Joyce Virginia LaBianco                  7-23-2003               

LMFT-3047            Joan E. Bellamy                                 7-23-2003   

LMFT-3053            Eric Albert Anderson                         7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3056            Matthew Dean Barkdull                     7-23-2003               

LMFT-3057            Richard S. Matkin                               7-23-2003   

LMFT-3059            Bette B. Carlson                                 7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3065            Kathleen F. Gee                                 7-23-2003   

LMFT-3067            Joan M. Sheehan                              7-23-2003

LMFT-3068            Rita K. Smith                                       7-23-2003               

LMFT-3069            Raquel Kellicut                                   7-23-2003   

LMFT-3071            Wendy Taylor                                      7-23-2003

LMFT-3072            Laura Ann Cromwell                          7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3073            Natalie Anne Keese-Hamm              7-23-2003

LMFT-3074            Sandra Marie Gunn                            7-23-2003

LMFT-3075            Peggy Kelly Larsen                            7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3076            Christienne Morse McClure               7-23-2003               

LMFT-3077            Louella Schaeffer                               7-23-2003   

LMFT-3079            Kelle Elaine Watkins                          7-23-2003   

LMFT-3080            Louis E. Landry                                   7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3084            Ben Lowell Ashcraft                           7-23-2003   

LMFT-3085            Nikole J. Ahner-Brown                       7-23-2003               

LMFT-3086            Doreen Bellini                                      7-23-2003               

LMFT-3087            Hal Houston Hargreaves                   7-23-2003               

LMFT-3089            Darwin R. Kellicut                               7-23-2003                           

LMFT-3090            Paul E. Pack                                        7-23-2003


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