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Minutes of May 6-7, 2003


ROLL CALL:                  Eric Jones, Ph.D., Chairman

                                     Jun Shiosaki

                                     Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.

                                     Roberta Crockett, M.A.

                                     Dick Craig, Ed.D.

                                     Jerome Fischer, Ph.D.


ALSO PRESENT:            Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                     Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                     Janice Wiedrick, Office Specialist


Chairman Jones called the meeting to order at 9:05a.m. 

Ms. Crockett moved to approve the minutes of October 1-2,2002 as corrected.  Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Fischer moved to approve the minutes of the February 4-5, 2003 minutes as corrected.  Dr. Craig seconded and the motion carried. 

Discussion was held on incomplete applications and how they are to be handled.  If the applicant has received their degree, a complete application must be submitted in order for the Board to conduct a review. If the applicant has not received the degree, the applicant may submit a letter asking for a review of the classes they have completed. 


Mr. Hetrick gave the legislative report.  House Bill 24, concerning discipline and intern registration, passed and will be effective July 1, 2003. House Bill 10 and House Bill 16 were held for additional research and clarification. 

Mr. Hetrick gave the financial report showing a positive balance of $72,282.33. 

The investigative report for year 2003, shows 12 complaints received with 10 open and under investigation.  For the year 2002, 7 are open and under investigation. For the year 2001, 2 are open and under investigation, and for the year 2000, 1 is open and under investigation.  The Board reviewed all closed cases. 

A question was asked for the Board to approve the curriculum for a school.  The Board determined that they do not approve the curriculums for schools.  

The Board reviewed the laws and rules concerning supervision being provided by an approved supervisor. The Board asked that information be sent to all licensees noting that the supervisor must have two years of experience as a practitioner and 15 hours of training in supervision and must register with the Board. The counselor supervisors must be registered by July 1, 2004. 

The Board proposed a change to Rule 245.C to include language for “other licensed professionals”. 


Ms. Crockett reported on her conversation with Jennifer Burlage on the non-accredited university. 


Continuing Education information changes were made and this information is to be put on the internet for use by licensees. 


The Board business file was cleared with the following actions: 

A letter will be sent to Gina Pratt advising that she may apply under the endorsement rule. 

Letters will be sent to Janice Rothmeyer, Eric Harms, Susan Banes, Jane Habermann, Daniel Lord and Dalton Lombard responding to their questions. 


Dr. Fischer moved to go into executive session for discussion of application files.  Dr. Craig seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Birdsall moved to come out of executive session. Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

The meeting recessed at 4:00p.m. to reconvene at 9:00a.m. on May 7, 2003. 

MAY 7, 2003 

Chairman Jones called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m. with all Board members and Bureau Staff in attendance.  Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief, was also in attendance. 

Dr. Craig moved to go into executive session for review of application files.  Dr. Fischer seconded and the motion carried. 

Dr. Fischer moved to come out of executive session. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

Jun Shiosaki moved to issue licenses to all those approved by two Board member reviewers and that explanatory letters be sent to those with pending applications.  Dr. Craig seconded and the motion carried. 

Licensed Professional Counselors - 14 licenses and 3 pending. 

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors - 14 licenses and 2 pending. 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists - 33 licenses and 2 pending. 


Discussion was held on the draft rules for supervision of the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. 

Ms. Crockett moved to approve the proposed rule as outlined in the draft with changes made.  Dr. Craig seconded the motion.  Vote was four ayes and two nays. Motion carried. 

 A draft of the rule is to be presented at the July meeting to be adopted by temporary rule. 

Continuing Education requirements were reviewed and the Board was advised that there is no clear statute to require Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors to have continuing education for the renewal of licenses.  A draft of a law change is to be presented at the next meeting on July 22-23, 2003. 

Discussion was held on the forms for use in registering Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Counselor interns.  A draft form was presented.  Dr. Fischer moved to adopt the intern form.  Ms. Crockett seconded and the motion carried. 

A form for the registration of the supervisors of interns will be presented at the July meeting. 

Dr. Craig moved to grandfather in all of the Voluntary Supervisors, currently on record, to the new Registered Supervisor list. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried. 

The Board asked that information on the supervisor and intern requirements be included in the renewal form mailing sent to all licenses.  

Information for the 400 hours of direct client contact for professional counselors will be added to the check sheets for the review. 

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 11:30a.m.


Licenses issued: 


Margaret Seck               LCPC-2955                05/07/03

Holly E. Hughes             LCPC-2964                05/07/03

Kay V. Anderson            LCPC-2976                05/07/03

Rand G. Martel              LCPC-2982                05/07/03

Helen H. Grady              LCPC-2983                05/07/03

Phyllis R. Nodler            LCPC-2984                05/07/03

Jill Darcy Reid               LCPC-2986                05/07/03

Mark L. Welch                LCPC-2996                05/07/03

Andrea L. Masom           LCPC-3017                05/07/03

Karen A. Knoff               LCPC-3018                05/07/03



Dolly Sanchez                LMFT-2583                05/07/03

Gregory Deitchler          LMFT-2935                05/07/03       

Pennie Jean McKay       LMFT-2936                05/07/03

Keith Alvin Reber          LMFT-2943                05/07/03

Gayle D. Dearborn         LMFT-2945                05/07/03

Helen H. Grady              LMFT-2947                05/07/03

Aka Jacob Grajeski       LMFT-2950                05/07/03

Marlene F. Strong          LMFT-2952                05/07/03

Arthur G. Hamblin         LMFT-2954                05/0703

Abe Norimasa               LMFT-2958                05/07/03

Olivia Marie Holly         LMFT-2959                05/07/03

David Holloway             LMFT-2960                05/07/03

Linda C. Arrossa            LMFT-2961                05/07/03

Susan Collins Bergen     LMFT-2962                05/07/03

Elaine Sullivan               LMFT-2963                05/07/03

Charlotte Ackerman       LMFT-2965                05/07/03

Dennis Kelly                   LMFT-2966                05/07/03

Kacee J. O’Connor          LMFT-2967                05/07/03

Karen Louise Bradley      LMFT-2970                05/07/03

Mary Pinzotti                   LMFT-2971                05/07/03

Seth Winterholler             LMFT2972                05/07/03

Lawrence Gold                LMFT-2975                05/07/03

Kay V. Anderson              LMFT-2977                05/07/03

David Peters                    LMFT-2978                05/07/03

Rand G. Martel                 LMFT-2981                05/07/03

David Vilas Dixon             LMFT-2991                05/07/03

Mark L Welch                    LMFT-2995                05/07/03       

Sister Mary Paul Moller     LMFT-3003                05/07/03

Lisbeth A. Giglio               LMFT-3014                05/07/03

Vickie Arriaga                   LMFT-2973                05/07/03       



Jennifer Strohm                LPC-2662                05/07/03

Kathryn Mordecai Vashro LPC-2696                05/07/03

Matthew Morrisette          LPC-2797                05/07/03

Steven L. Guyot                LPC-2883                05/07/03

Tamera Chatburn              LPC-2895                05/07/03

Steven Sharp                     LPC-2934                05/07/03

Stacia C. Carr                    LPC-2937                05/07/03

Jamelle K. Majer               LPC-2944                05/07/03

Jim W. Trivelpiece             LPC-2946                05/07/03

Jody L. Swearingen            LPC-2956                05/07/03

Krystin Emma Miley           LPC-2974                05/07/03

Karen A. Knoff                   LPC-2979                05/07/03

William A. Dobson              LPC-2998                05/07/03

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