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Meeting Minutes of October 1-2, 2002

ROLL CALL:                          Eric Jones, Ph.D., Chairman

                                                Richard Craig, Ed.D.

                                                Jerome Fischer, Ph.D.

                                                Jun Shiosaki

                                                Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.


ABSENT/EXCUSED:            Roberta Crockett, M.A.


ALSO PRESENT:                   Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                                Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Janice Wiedrick, Office Specialist

                                                Bureau of Occupational Licenses


Chairman Jones called the meeting to order at 9:05a.m. 

Jerome Fischer was welcomed to the Board. 

Dr. Craig moved to approve the minutes of the July 10-11, 2002 meeting.  Dr. Birdsall seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Bureau Staff 

Ms. Jacobsen congratulated the Board on the 20th Anniversary of Counseling licensure in Idaho.  Also, NBCC is celebrating their 20th Anniversary. 

The rules have been submitted to four state agencies for approval and they are approved at this time.  

Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report showing a positive balance of  $109,053,97.  

Several cost saving measures have been enacted for the Board: the updated phone system; going paperless; the new board room; the Chief Investigator and Attorney no longer attend Board meetings; and, if passed, the renewal date being changed to birth-date. 

It was noted that travel expenses should be monitored and recommended that travel be confined to regulatory meetings as opposed to professional associations. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the investigative report showing there have not been any complaints for the year 2003 to date, ten are under investigation from 2002 and two are under investigation from 2001. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the new contract between the Board and the Bureau.  Jun Shiosaki moved to approve the contract and have Chairman Jones sign on behalf of the Board.  Dr. Birdsall seconded the motion, motion carried. 

The Board reviewed comments by licensees on the proposed legislation and discussed rule changes for next year. 

            ACES supervision or NBCC supervision for temporary rule.

            LPC continuing education rule



NBCC, November 2002, Jerome Fischer 

AASCB, Charleston SC, Bobbie Birdsall, Dick Craig, Roberta Crockett 

ICA, January 24,25, 2003, Idaho Falls, Bobbie Birdsall, Jun Shiosaki, Dick Craig and Roger Hales. 

IDAMT, Pocatello, October 18, 2003, Jun Shiosaki and Eric Jones. 

Jun Shiosaki moved to pay reasonable travel expenses for those with long distances to attend the meetings.  Dr. Birdsall seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Dr. Birdsall is to make a report on the ACES meeting she is attending. 

It was noted that Dr. Birdsall’s term expires July 1, 2003 and that she is willing to serve another term on the Board.


Mental Health Counselor Examination 

Jerome Fischer is to present the idea of the Mental Health Counselor Exam for licensure of LCPC’s in Idaho to the Idaho Counselor Association meeting.  Also the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Exam to be considered.  The CRCE test covers all 8 areas in counseling. 

A letter is to be sent to the testing panel at AASCB thanking them for Bill King’s presentation. 

Dr. Birdsall moved to reimburse Dawna Jackson for the gift package for Bill King on July 11, 2002. Dr. Craig seconded the motion, motion carried.


Board Business File: 

The Business file was cleared with the following actions: 

Bruce Neben -  there is no specific requirement for on-site supervision. The Board will review an official transcript to make sure the requirements have been met. 

Joan Leone M.D.  CE request – Board asked that she be referred to the Idaho Marriage and Family Therapy Association or Idaho Counseling Association. 

Kevin Kracke, Ph.D.  Acknowledge receipt of letter. 

Northwest Nazarene University is presenting a Supervision Workshop. 

Frances Hughes inquired about continuing education requirements for LPC.  Not required. 

Marian Breckenridge inquired about the licensure process.  Advise her to look at website for requirements. 

Candidate COU 09-24-02 LJ met with the Board to discuss the licensure process for LCPC. 

Dr. Birdsall moved to go into executive session for discussion of applicant files exempt from public disclosure.  Dr. Fischer seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Dr. Fischer moved to come out of executive session, Dr. Birdsall seconded the motion, motion carried. 

By consensus the Board replied to the applicant and offered solutions to the application process. 

The Board recessed at 4:00p.m.


October 5, 2002 

The Board reconvened at 9:00a.m. with all Board members present and  Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief, Cherie Simpson, Administrative Assistant and Janice Wiedrick, Office Specialist also present. 

Dr. Craig moved to go into executive session for discussion of material exempt from public disclosure.  Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Dr. Birdsall moved to come out of executive session.  Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Dr. Craig moved that a change in rule 235.03.a, concerning Pastoral Counselors, be drafted to replace the “clock hours of experience working in a counseling setting” to “clock hours of direct client contact”.  In the meantime, a notice will be placed on the web site and sent to all candidates at renewal time. 

Dr. Birdsall moved that the Board clarify by rule that a supervisor can supervise no more than three individuals at one time.  Dr. Craig seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Jun Shiosaki moved that licenses be issued to all applicants approved by two reviewers and that letters requesting additional information be sent to those applicants with incomplete files.  Dr. Fischer seconded the motion, motion carries. 

LMFT              19 received licenses and 1 pending. 

LPC                 23 licenses issued and 10 pending. 

LCPC              8 received licenses and 4 pending. 



Virginia D. Sperry-Noyes              LCPC-2728                            8-28-02

Kirk Korenke                                LCPC-2788                            10-02-02

Jacqueline Amy Gedeik                LCPC-2829                            10-02-02

Kimberly L. Hudlet                        LCPC-2838                            08-19-02

Sandra Mangelson                         LCPC-2839                            10-08-02

Gary “H” Lythgoe                           LCPC-2842                            10-02-02

Heidi Igarashi                                LCPC-2859                            10-02-02

Rebecca K. Barnes                        LCPC-2875                            10-02-02

Lori Cornilles Lodge                       LCPC-2907                            11-13-02



Denys Taipale-Knight                     LPC-2667                            08-28-02

Ronda K Knudsen                           LPC-2671                            10-03-02

Ingrid E. Madsen                             LPC-2695                            10-03-02

Amy N. Stringer                              LPC-2701                            10-04-02

Mark A. Young                                LPC-2761                            10-04-02

Travis Dean Wilson                         LPC-2765                            10-04-02

Dale W. Hooley                               LPC-2772                            10-03-02

Rosemary Ladacy Luque                 LPC-2773                            10-03-02

Nancy Ann Goodman                       LPC-2795                            08-20-02

Garrett Lee Coburn                         LPC-2806                            10-03-02

Joanne Nearman                             LPC-2807                            10-11-02

Victor Wayne Durnill                       LPC-2809                            10-03-02

Carol L. Kulack                               LPC-2826                            10-03-02

Sundee S. Diviney                           LPC-2828                            10-03-02

Rita Larae Nauman                         LPC-2830                            10-03-02

Nancy Diane Grahl                          LPC-2837                            10-03-02

Valarie Ann Palmer                         LPC-2850                            10-04-02

Clayton Wallace Pearce                  LPC-2851                            10-04-02

Lynne B. Dewey                              LPC-2854                            10-03-02

Nicole E. Darcy                               LPC-2857                            10-03-02

Carrie Lynn Beezley                        LPC-2858                            10-03-02

Christopher A. Lawson                    LPC-2864                            10-03-02

Anne M. Nelson                               LPC-2865                            10-03-02



Deborah L. McManus                       LMFT-2711                            10-05-02

Sandra J. Turtle                              LMFT-2752                            10-05-02

Kristin Elizabeth Ernest                  LMFT-2769                            10-02-02

James C. Park                                 LMFT-2782                            10-05-02

James W. Wolfe                               LMFT-2783                            10-05-02

Carol Bastian Huttanus                    LMFT-2832                            10-05-02

Barbara Alison Minton                      LMFT-2835                            10-05-02

Susan A Stevens                               LMFT-2843                            10-18-02

Rebecca S. Hauder                           LMFT-2844                            10-28-02

Kyle R. Walker                                 LMFT-2846                            10-05-02

Roy Hilding Marlowe                        LMFT-2847                            10-05-02

Allan Lee West                                 LMFT-2848                            10-05-02

John Cameron Preece                      LMFT-2852                            10-05-02

Eric Keith Allred                              LMFT-2855                            10-05-02

Christopher J. Youngberg                LMFT-2860                            10-05-02

Rona M. Brumpton                           LMFT-2861                            10-02-02-

Maureen Elizabeth Clahan                LMFT-2863                            10-02-02

Kerry Max Park                                LMFT-2866                            10-18-02

Heidi Jorgensen                               LMFT-2868                            11-04-02


Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 12:30p.m.


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