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Regular Board Meeting
February 5-6, 2002

ROLL CALL:     Richard Craig, Ed.D., Chairman

                        Dawna Jackson, M.Coun.

                        Jun Shiosaki

                        Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.

                        Roberta Crockett, M.A.

                        Eric Jones, Ph.D.

ALSO PRESENT:     Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                Janice Wiedrick, Secretary


Chairman Craig called the meeting to order at 9:09a.m.

The Board welcomed Lyndell Jackson, Idaho Counselor Association PP & L Committee Chair to the meeting.

Ms. Crockett moved to approve the minutes of October 2-3, 2001 and November 6, 2001 and January 25, 2002 as corrected. Mr. Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Discussion was held on the deadline for examination being 30 days and if persons seeking the examination are able to apply after the deadline. Board consensus is that the deadline stands at thirty days prior to the examination date.

Rayola Jacobsen reported to the Board that the proposed rules went through in good order, the Bureau will be getting a new phone system, here are plans to expand the size of the Board Room and the budget looks good for the Board.

John Kersey is to mail the investigative report to the Board at a later date if the Board requests it.

Roger Hales met with the Board to discuss adding service extender and intern rules.

Lyndell Jackson was informed that Addendum 4 is now in all application packets and on the internet. If anyone wants additional Addendum 4’s they can contact the Bureau.

Mr. Hetrick reported that the financial report shows a positive balance of $83,000+ and is in good standing. The report is in a new format and the Board likes the new format.

The budget is larger this year due to the addition of two new members and the changes in the Board Law and Rules for the Marriage and Family Therapy.

Mr. Hetrick presented the contract between the Bureau and the Board for review.

Discussion was held on the meeting the Board had with people at the Idaho Counselor Association meeting. Several points were brought forward:

1. two or more years to phase in supervision standards

2. input from counselors on rules

3. some requirement for training

4. specialty license

5. CEU’s required

6. years of practice

7. certification

8. legal issues

9. school counselors

10. supervision for supervisors

For a registry of Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor supervisors, they need:

1. Two years of experience with 1,500 hours of direct client contact and 15 contact hours of supervision training as approved by the Board 2. Fee of $25.00 one-time registry fee

3. Follow the Ethical Guidelines of the Association of Counselor Education and Supervision

4. Register with the Board

Ms. Jackson directed Roger Hales to draft proposed rules on supervision registry for presentation at the May meeting. Dr. Jones seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.

A registry for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy be added also for consistency.

Also for rule changes, Dr. Jones moved to modify Rule 225.01.a: by striking "Idaho" and put in valid and at b. add after licensure "in any state." Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Roger Hales and Budd Hetrick are to draft proposed rules for service extenders for review at the meeting in May.

Ms. Jackson moved to table the discussion on adding the Certified Mental Health Counselor Examination to the requirements for Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor until the May meeting.

Mr. Shiosaki moved to send Budd Hetrick to the NBCC convention on February 22-23, 2002. Dr. Jones seconded the motion, motion carried.

Ms. Jackson moved to go into executive session for discussio n of Findings of Fact, Conclusion of Law and Final Order. Mr. Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dr. Jones moved to come out of the executive session. Dr. Birdsall seconded the motion, motion carried.

Ms. Jackson moved to accept the Final Order with the addition of five years before Mr. Kehoe can reapply for licensure, and if he does reapply, he must meet in person with the Board and have a full disclosure of facts and treatment. Also, the treatment provider must provide a report on all treatment and outcomes. Dr. Jones seconded the motion.

Motion carries unanimously.


Since the name of the Board has changed and the number of members has changed, if persons request and pay for a new LCPC wall certificate, a new certificate marked duplicate can be ordered for them.


Ms. Jackson’s term of office expires in July. A letter to the Governor’s office and ICA is to be sent.


Since the changes in the Board the Brochures are outdated and should be re-done.


The Board business file was cleared with the following actions:

Letter of explanation of coursework and questions answered to Lucretia Verbrugge.


The Board will accept supervision forms submitted by the applicant after the form has been notarized and in a sealed envelope.

Transcripts must also be in a sealed envelope to be official.


Discussion was held on changing the renewal date to either the licensee’s birthday or the date of the original issue date of the license. The Board will accept either change for the Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapy licensees.

Discussion was held on the communication process for the rule changes for supervision and service extenders. The Board would like letter to go to all colleges and universities, the Idaho Counselor Association and all licensees. This matter will be discussed further at the May meeting.

Meeting recessed until February 6, 2002 at 9:00a.m.

February 6, 2002

ROLL CALL: Richard Craig, Ed.D., Chairman; Jun Shiosaki; Eric Jones, Ph.D.; Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.; Dawna Jackson, M.Coun.; Roberta Crockett, M.A.

Ms. Jackson reported on the meeting she had with the Idaho Counselor Association this morning. Ms. Jackson stated that the ICA will link the Bureau on their web page for easier access to the Bureau through ICA. The ICA will also put information on the upcoming proposed rules on the web page.

The Board reviewed files and the following are to be licensed upon receipt of the $75 original license fees:

Licensed Professional Counselors – 10 applications

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors – 6 applications

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy - 24

One application for the Voluntary registry was approved.

Ms. Jackson moved to authorize Chairman Craig to sign the contract between the Bureau and the Board. Mr. Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 2:15p.m.

Licenses issued

Scott Lynn Miller     LPC-2698 2-13-02

Heidi Jorgensen     LPC-2653 2-13-02

Laurie Hewitt-Geren     LPC-2657 2-13-02

Bonita J. Frazier-Shewmaker     LPC-2672 2-13-02

Cynthia Anne Moreshead     LPC-2649 2-28-02

Cynthia D. Darby     LPC-2703 2-28-02

Matthew David Geske     LPC-2650 3-4-02


Matthew Charles Steuart     LCPC-926 2-14-02

Jason Kyle Beard     LCPC-2666 2-14-02

Jennifer Dee Kerner     LCPC-770 2-14-02

Kenneth Roy Marlowe     LCPC-2685 2-14-02

Kathrine Cristine Wolff     LCPC-2699 2-14-02

Patricia J. Woodbury     LCPC-2651 2-14-02

Melissa A. Vogel     LCPC-2677 2-14-02

Julie Ann Brusaw     LCPC-2639 2-14-02


Joel K. Buxton     LMFT-2661 2-11-02

Ronald A. Cantone     LMFT-2687 2-11-02

Ronald J. Dent     LMFT-2630 2-11-02

Steven P. Filer, M.Ed.     LMFT-2636 2-11-02

Bonita JoAnne Frazier-Shewmaker     LMFT-2673 2-11-02

John Peter Gallagher     LMFT-2691 2-11-02

Sharon D. Job     LMFT-2648 2-11-02

Steven I. Lanzet     LMFT-2634 2-11-02

Catherine Louise Murray     LMFT-2694 2-11-02

Carol A. Pangburn     LMFT-2647 2-11-02

Vincent Harold Plummer     LMFT-2692 2-11-02

Sage Katherine Albright Rogers     LMFT-2676 2-11-02

Keith David McCann     LMFT-2704 2-28-02

Julie Anne Brusaw     LMFT-2640 3-4-02

Thomas E. Farner     LMFT-2659 3-4-02

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