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Board Meeting
January 25, 2002

ROLL CALL:     Richard Craig, Ed.D., Chairman

                          Dawna Jackson, M.Coun.

                          Roberta Crockett, , M.A.

                         Jun Shiosaki

ABSENT/EXCUSED:     Eric Jones, PH.D.

                                      Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.

ALSO PRESENT:         Janice Wiedrick, Bureau of Occupational Licenses

Chairman Craig called the meeting to order at 4:55p.m. for discussion of the presentation made to the Idaho Counseling Association.

Points brought up at the presentation included:

1. The Mental Health Examination for Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors and grandfathering.

2. Changes in Supervision and how much training and supervision the changes need.

3. Licensed Professional Counselor-Private practice changed to Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and why the change.

4. National effort to standardize credentials.

5. Standardization of supervision from someone out of state would not have the five years of licensure.

6. Interns supervised by LCPC only? Difficult to find supervision and charge more.

7. Concerns about the limit in order to supervise- needs some kind of time limit and educational requirement but not 5 years.

8. For supervision education, the number of hours were discussed. Possibly workshop hours or advanced degree or classes in advanced supervision classes.

9. Work experience cannot be replaced by education. 2 years in field training in supervision.

10. Supervised experience needs to be added.

11. Both components are important- needs client contact.

12. Some kind of grandfathering.

13. Older professional recognized without classes.

14. Insurance concerns

15. Continuing education in supervision be kept up. Who will be qualified to do training?

16. Jobs that require supervisor training would be qualified to teach.

17. Portability issues were discussed.

18. Social Workers started with one standard Nationwide.

19. Fifteen contact hours of training is required for LMFT’s.

20. Over a period of time it would be feasible to get the semester classes or workshops from Universities.

21. It would be a mistake to lower the bar because of the rural status of Idaho.

22. Discussion on dropping the two-tiered system.

23. The two-tier system provides accountability to the public and more encouragement to grow.

24. LPC’s are recognized by the school system and should be kept.

25. The Board would like input from professionals before the legislation is proposed.

26. Idaho Counseling Association needs to send someone to the board meetings.

27. Take the faith-based out of the law.

28. When the temporary rules are being proposed-put on web site for input by practitioners.

Points the Board discussed included:

1. Need to define practice. (2 to 3 years of experience and education)

2. Need to define training. (workshop, semester credits, contact hours)

3. Inclusion in other classes?

4. Grandfathering to begin in June 2003?

5. January 2004 clinical experience requirement 1,000 hours, 2 years post LPC experience, and 15 hours of training in supervision.

6. Everybody must take class for supervision.

7. On-line training must be accredited institution and 500 or above level on class.

8. At the Boards discretion for the 15 contact hours of supervision?


National Board for Certified Counselors Meeting in Greensboro

Eric Jones will attend and the Board will pay his traveling expenses. NBCC will be paying for Dr. Jones’ trip and the Board will pay for Dawna Jackson’s trip.

On the agenda for the February 5-6, 2002 meeting:

1. Discussion of the license fee and renewal fee for those approved in May 2002.

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 5:35p.m.

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