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Minutes of October 2-3, 2001

ROLL CALL: Richard Craig, Chairman; Dawna Jackson, M.Coun.; Jun Shiosaki; Roberta Crockett, M.A.; Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.; Eric Jones, Ph.D.

ALSO PRESENT: Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; John Kersey, Chief Investigator; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Janice Wiedrick, Secretary

Chairman Craig called the meeting to order at 9:05a.m.

Dawna Jackson moved to not use a tape recorder during the meetings unless special circumstances required the use of a tape recorder. Dr. Jones seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dawna Jackson moved to approve the minutes as corrected of May 1-2, 2001 June 5, 2001, June 18, 2001 and July 11, 2001. Dr. Birdsall seconded the motion, motion carried.

AMFTRB Delegate

Dr. Jones moved to elect Roberta Crockett as the voting delegate to AMFTRB. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried.


Mr. Hetrick reported that the new Bureau Chief is Rayola Jacobsen from the Northwest Power Planning Council and she will start at the Bureau on October 15, 2001.

The financial statements will be mailed to the Board members when they are completed.

Mr. Hetrick reported the Governorís 2% holdback does not apply to dedicated fund agencies. The Bureau will, however, be holding the line regarding budgets and expenses.

Draft rules were distributed to the Board for review. The Bureau was unable to prepare rules about interns at this time. After the legislative session ends this spring, temporary rules may be considered for interns.

Interpretation - Interns connected to a college or university may be supervised by licensed persons who do not have 5 years of licensure, if the supervisor has been approved by the educational institution. Otherwise, supervisors must have five years of licensure in Idaho.


Ms. Jackson is not able to attend the convention and recommends that Budd Hetrick attend in Tucson AZ.


Discussion was held on adding the National Mental Health Counseling Exam to the requirements for Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors to increase competencies for the LCPC. Ms. Jackson to present the statistics on how many states use this method at the Idaho Counseling Association convention in January.

Randal Astramovich met with the Board for clarification of requirements for the Licensed Professional Counselor-Private Practice.

Ms. Jackson moved to into executive session for discussion of applicants file. Dr. Birdsall seconded and the motion carried.

Dr. Birdsall moved to come out of executive session. Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried.

Dr. Jones moved to go into executive session to discuss applicants file, Ms. Jackson seconded and the motion carried. Dr. Birdsall moved to come out of executive session. Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried.

The Board, by consensus, agreed that whenever anyone wants on the agenda, they must request time on the agenda in writing and explain what they will be addressing.


Discussion was held on the contents of the supervision (blue pages) form. The Board wants the following added to the supervision page:

1. number of hours, dates and type of experience

Discussion was held on the application. The Board would like to see the following added:

1. On the first page a box to check off if they are applying through endorsement.

2. Add the LMFT examination question to the application.

3. On the cover instruction page add about the grand- fathering period with an addendum for grand-fathering.

4. Describe the number of hours you have provided with couples and families.

During the grand- fathering period, the supervision section of the form does not have to be filled out.


The Board asked that a change in statute be proposed for next legislative session. The proposal would require that 1,500 hours, of the 3,000 hours, be with couples and families.

Murray Doggett, applicant met with the Board on the licensing process for the Professional Counselor license.

Dr. Birdsall moved to go into executive session for discussion of the applicants file. Ms. Jackson seconded and the motion carried.

Ms. Jackson moved to come out of executive session. Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried.

The Board advised Mr. Doggett to check with the university to clarify the recreation coursework and why the hours were changed from graduate to undergraduate.


Discussion was held on proposing legislation for service extenders. The Board recommended that the Associations consider the issue for possible legislation. Roger Hales research the Boardís authority to have service extenders. Dr. Jones will also research this issue and present a report at the February meeting. This may be a specialty license issue.


Five applications for Licensed Professional Counselor-Private Practice were approved for licensure upon receipt of the original license fee of $75.00.

The meeting recessed until October 3, 2001 at 9:00a.m.

OCTOBER 3, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 9:00a.m. by Chairman Craig with all Board members present.

The Board reviewed applications for Licensed Professional Counselor and twenty-one licenses were approved pending receipt of the $75.00 original license fee.

The Board reviewed applications for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and thirty-four licenses were approved pending receipt of the original license fee of $75.00.

The Board business file was cleared with no action taken.

Ms. Crockett distributed drafts of the addendum 4 for the application.

Draft wall certificates were distributed to the Board for review and changes were made.

Ms. Jackson moved to choose cardstock for the wall certificates. Mr. Shiosaki seconded and the motion carried. The colors of cardstock are: LPCP=Desert Haze, LPAS=Silver, LMFT=Mesa, and LPC=Sandstone.

Further discussion was held on the temporary rules. The Board will consider changing the requirement from five years of licensure to five years of experienc e. The Board addressed their concerns that supervisors have adequate experience to provide supervision.

As the rule now stands, after July 1, 2001, supervision may only be provided by a supervisor who has been licensed for at least five years.

The Board will provide information to educate counselors and school boards concerning the rules.

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 1:30.p.m.

Licenses issued as a result of this meeting:


C.R. Auxier     LPCP-406     10-02-01

Jim A. Grigg     LPCP-407     10-02-01

Jeffrey Arthur Betts     LPCP- 408     10-15-01

Kelly C. Shrumm     LPCP-409     10-24-01

Linda M. Daggy     LPCP-409     10-25-01


Dian Riley Davis     LPC-1051     10-3-01

Alison E. Terrill, M.Coun.     LPC-1052     10-3-01

Coby Tefft     LPC-1053     10-3-01

Rosemary Pavlov     LPC-1054     10-3-01

Pat Kaes, M.Ed.     LPC 1055     10-3-01

Suzanne Hughes     LPC-1056     10-3-01

Richard E. Blood     LPC-1057     10-3-01

Robin E. Bianco     LPC-1058     10-3-01

Jack D. Newsome, Ph.D.     LPC-1059     10-15-01

Terry A. Buster. M.S.     LPC-1060     10-16-01

Kathleen Beristain     LPC-1061     10-16-01

Judith C. Houck     LPC-1062     10-18-01

Gail Karen Laferriere     LPC-1063     10-18-01

Louise Urbanc Peters     LPC-1064     10-19-01

Ellen Faye Kerstein, M.A.     LPC-1065     10-23-01

Tina D. Heikkila     LPC-1066     10-24-01

Kevin J. Hoops B.A., M.S.     LPC-1067     10-25-01

Diana Lee Whiting, M.A.     LPC-1068     10-25-01

Leslie Barton, M.Cou .     LPC-1069     10-26-01

Julia Lyn C deBaca     LPC-1070     10-26-01

Amy Elisa Lucia     LPC-1071     11-19-01

Deborah L. Hanna. M.Ed.     LPC-1072     12-13-01

Lauri A. Babcock     LPC-1073     1-22-01


James Jerry Anderson     LMFT-13     10-3-01

Mahvash Avaregan     LMFT-14     10-3-01

Jason Kyle Beard     LMFT-15     10-3-01

Martha Elaine Beck     LMFT-16     10-3-01

Nancy Graves Billington     LMFT-17     10-3-01

Edward L. Cheney     LMFT-18     10-3-01

Michael J. Eisenbeiss, Sr. Ph.D.     LMFT-19     10-3-01

Donald W. Foster     LMFT-20     10-3-01

Kathleen Battersby, M.S.     LMFT-21     10-3-01

Christopher A. Heindel     LMFT-22     10-3-01

Joan M. Henderson     LMFT-23     10-3-01

Norma Jean Hershey     LMFT-24     10-3-01

Michael K. Hings     LMFT-25     10-3-01

Adam Klappenbach     LMFT-26     10-3-01

Edward Kurath     LMFT-27     10-3-01

Rodney D. Limb     LMFT-28     10-3-01

Frederick Dominic Mondin. Ed.D     LMFT-29     10-3-01

Roberta Sawyer-Betts     LMFT-30     10-3-01

Bette Dee Swartz     LMFT-31     10-3-01

Brian Louis Shapiro     LMFT-32     10-3-01

Coby Tefft     LMFT-33     10-3-01

Christine Wilson     LMFT-34     10-19-01

Mary J. Phillips-Green     LMFT-35     10-23-01

Francis M. Woodard, Ph.D.     LMFT-36     10-25-01

Lorn Henry Adkins     LMFT-37     10-26-01

Geoffrey D. Nusbaum, PH.D.     LMFT-38     10-26-01

Susan Reuling Furness     LMFT-39     10-26-01

Timothy John Furness     LMFT-40     10-26-01

Margaret Holman Strowd     LMFT-2619     11-1-01

Cheryl Jones Andrews     LMFT-2622     10-31-01

Terry A. Buster     LMFT-2631     11-7-01

Jan Van Slyke, M.Ed.     LMFT-2627     10-18-01

Michael David Burkholder     LMFT-2680     1-31-02

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