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Minutes of June 5, 2001

ROLL CALL: Richard Craig, Ed.D.; Dawna Jackson, M.Coun.; Jun Shiosaki; Roberta Crockett, M.A.; Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.


ALSO PRESENT: Thomas Limbaugh, Bureau Chief; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Budd A. Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney; John Kersey, Chief Investigator; Helen Piippo, Secretary

Dr. Craig called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m.

Jun Shiosaki moved to approve the minutes of May 1-2, 2001. Roberta Crockett seconded the motion, motion carried.

Tom Limbaugh presented the financial report showing a positive balance of $70,963.96.

Dawna Jackson moved to accept the financial report. Dr. Birdsall seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dawna Jackson moved to request from NBCC a packet of information on the CMHCA examination to see if it would be applicable to add to the requirements for Professional Counselor-Private Practice licensure and endorsement rules.

Names of counseling professionals in other states were discussed. The Board is considering changing the Licensed Professional Counselor-Private Practice to Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. This issue needs to be presented to the Idaho Counseling Association and the universities for discussion. An article in the ICA newsletter asking written input would be a good idea. The written input to be submitted by February 2002, so the changes can be made for the 2003 legislative session.

Roger Hales and Budd Hetrick presented draft rules for the Board to review.

Board name has changed. All subsequent changes made.

Fees for the examination rule needs to be changed to the fee set by the approved testing entity.

The Code of Ethics for counselors and marriage and family therapists have been updated to 7-1-01.

Meeting dates were discussed- meetings to be held in the months of February, May, July and October of each year at such times and places designated by the Board.

Discussion of Board appointments- nominations will be changed to the wording proposed by Roberta Crockett with individuals and other individuals being able to make nominations to the Governor.

Identify the examination as the National Counselor Exam by National Board for Certified Counselors.

Under supervision for LPCP change to read accumulated in no less than a two year period after licensure.

Add Marriage and Family Therapists to those who can supervise for the LPCP.

Number of hours for supervision are to be 1,000 clock hours of supervised experience of which there must be 400 hours of direct client contact for LPC’s.

Marriage and Family Therapists rule changes/additions were made.

Grandfathering rules:

Minimum of 3,000 hours of post-graduate direct client contact experience in marriage and family therapy, no less than one thousand five hundred hours of which shall have been with couples and families.

To document the 3,000 direct-client contact (Clinical) hours can be by supervisor, peers or other individuals.

Continuing education contact hours must be germane to Marriage and Family Therapy. Five hours can be carried over one time (one year) only.

Fees added- Marriage and Family Therapy application and original license Examination fees are set by the testing company for all exams.

Lunch Break

Meeting reconvened at 1:00p.m. with all Board members and Bureau staff present.

Rules for Internships (LPC & MFT) were discussed and drafted.

1. Registration with Board

a. Designating supervisor

b. Plan of experience

c. Place of experience

d. Abide by individual Codes of Ethics and Laws and Rules

2. Direct Supervision of licensed professional

3. Limitation of use of title

4. Must posses a graduate degree

5. No fees

Roger informed the Board that calls from applicants or the public are to be told to address their issues by letter to the Board to review at next meeting or to address the Bureau staff and include the information in their file for review at next meeting. They can also attend the meeting.

Kirsten Wallace presented a consent order for case number COU L61-02B-99-003 with requested changes made.

Jun Shiosaki moved to accept the consent order as changed. Dawna Jackson seconded the motion, motion carried.

Jun Shiosaki moved to accept the order to dismiss COU L61-02B-99-003. Roberta Crockett seconded the motion, motion carried.

Endorsement rules were reviewed by the Board and changes made.

Copies of proposed rules are to be sent to Board members as soon as available and then a conference call will be set.

A conference call to be scheduled for June 18, 2001 at 1:30p.m., MDST.


AMFTRB Dawna Jackson moved to join the Association of Marital & Family Therapy Regulatory Boards, the membership fee is $300.00. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 3:00p.m.

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