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Minutes of May 4-5, 2000

Chairman Craig called the regular meeting of the Counselor Licensing Board to order at 9:15a.m.on May 4, 2000, in Idaho Falls. Board members in attendance are: Richard Craig, Ed.D., Enid Davis, Ed.D., Jun Shiosaki and Dawna Jackson, M.Coun.. 

Also present was Janice Wiedrick, Secretary, Bureau of Occupational Licenses.

Dawna Jackson moved to approve the minutes of the February 1-2, 2000 meeting as corrected. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dawna Jackson moved to approve the minutes of the February 22 conference call. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

The financial report shows a positive balance of $71,034.59.

The investigative report shows that six complaints have been received to date for the year. Four of the complaints are open and under investigation.

The Board expressed their appreciation of the investigative reports and how the complaints have been handled.


Dick Craig is to attend the Greensboro NBCC meeting unless he is not reappointed by the Governor. Dawna Jackson will be attending the meeting as Idaho’s delegate.

The AASCB meeting will be held in January 2001 and the Board requests that Thomas Limbaugh, Bureau Chief, attend the meeting.


The following applications for LPC are approved pending receipt of the $75 original license fee:

COU040500MF, COU041300MMM, COU042800MDF, COU042500JAE, COU020900SHH, COU033000BJ, COU091699BA, COU033100MLA, COUO41900RJ, COU031500KK, COU101698JAM, COU042600PRN, and COUO42800KGW.

The following are not approved at this time for the noted reasons:

COU011900MHS - approved as soon as the transcript arrives.

COU050100KLH - needs supervision.

COU962299AEJ - needs clarification of supervision.

COU060799CAL – needs 18 semester hours.

COU042800TMK – needs clarification of "F" on supervision form.

COU030300JJS – needs 9.5 hours of supervision.

CPC Application

The following was approved for the Conditional Professional Counselor


Licensed Professional Counselor-Private Practice

The following are approved for the LPCP upon receipt of the $75 original license fee and $10 wall certificate fee:

COU020200EDE, COU041700LMI, COU042400DKR, COU061099DJW and COU942600KSK.

The following are not approved at this time for the noted reasons:

COU031700RJK approved once the application is signed.

COU040500MF - Send back LPCP application and refund application fee – approved for LPC license.

Questions for Roger Hales:

1. For persons without licensure in another state, can they be granted LPCP licensure in Idaho?

2. Does the statement at the bottom of the supervision page need a signature or should this statement be put on application form only?

3. If the Marriage and Family Therapist specialty license goes into effect, can or should the Conditional Professional Counselor license be extended beyond December 31, 2001? The Board’s consensus is that it does not need to be extended.

4. Define "good moral character".


Ken Brown – requests supervision from a Psychologist – Board denies request. The supervision must be by a Licensed Professional Counselor in Utah.

Steven Filer – regarding the exclusion of Alcohol and Drug Counselors from compliance with the Law at 54.3402 – The Board feels the wording "services of licensed or credentialed members of other professions" answers his concerns.


The Code of Ethics for Board Members compiled by the Chiropractic Board is to be forwarded to Thomas Limbaugh for use in the board-training manual. This is to be discussed further at the July 13, 2000 meeting.


The Board requests a report from John Kersey on how much and under what circumstances are pro-review payments made for other boards. Are the payments a flat rate or an hourly rate? To be discussed further at July 13, 2000 meeting.

The term of office for Dick Craig will end July 1, 2000. Enid Davis will be resigning from the Board to go on a mission for eighteen months. A letter is to be sent to the Governor for two appointments to the Board and a copy of the letter is to be sent to the Idaho Counseling Association.

Mary Barros Bailey, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, requests a meeting with the Board to discuss the specialty license for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. The Board will set a meeting on July 13, 2000 and asks that the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors be prepared to make recommendations to the Board for specialty licensure.

Chairman Craig is to contact Dr. Fischer and Mary Barros Bailey to set the meeting on July 13, 2000. Suggested recommendations are to include:

1. Education requirement

2. Supervision

3. Examination

4. Fees

Roger Hales is to draft the legislation for the Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor (LRC) for presentation in August.

The next meeting will be held on July 12 and 13, 2000. July 12 will be for the review of applications and July 13 will be for the meeting with the Bureau Staff and other guests.


A meeting will be set by Senator Stegner for discussion between Licensed Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists to see if the Marriage and Family Therapists specialty license can be developed.

The meeting recessed at 4:30 to reconvene at 9:00 a.m. May 5, 2000.

May 5, 2000

With all Board members and Janice Wiedrick present, Chairman Craig called the meeting to order at 9a.m.


Dr. Davis moved to elect Dick Craig as Chairman. Dawna Jackson seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dawna Jackson moved to elect Jun Shiosaki as Secretary, Dr. Davis seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dr. Craig moved to elect Dawna Jackson as Vice Chairman, Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Discussions were held on the Law and Rule changes to be presented to the Legislature for the 2001 legislative session:


Pro-Review Payment?

54-3405 and 54-3405a add "of good moral character" after the word persons.

54-3405b add "of good moral character" after the word individual.

54-3406 change the word reciprocity to endorsement.

54-3411.3 change the word reciprocity to endorsement.

54-3402 (under exemptions) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to apply to the activities or services of any "nationally recognized" religious denomination. (strike the rest of the sentence.)


Pro-Review payment?

Rule 450 Scope of Practice. Leave first sentence as is and take out the rest of the paragraph. Add. "Counselors are to practice only within the boundaries of competence" (Code of Ethics section C2)


Applicants who have received a Masters degree in counseling or a closely related field from an accredited college or university may be allowed to practice as a "Counselor-in Supervision" without a conditional license if the supervision is provided by a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Professional Counselor-Private Practice as stated under subsection 150.02.

1. non-renewable

2. two year time limit

3. $50 fee

Rule 150.02a. insert words "or one-to-one or one-to-two" after hours of face-to-face.

Rule 150.02.b reverse the paragraph and make additions to read:

The supervision must be provided, on a one-to-one or one-to-two supervision ratio" by a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Professional Counselor-Private Practice" licensed by the state of Idaho: if the applicant’s supervision was provided in another state, it must have been provided by a counseling professional licensed by that state, provided the requirements for licensure in that state are substantially equivalent to the requirements of Title 54, Chapter 34, Idaho Code. If the supervision was provided prior to July 1, 1988, or in a state that does not have counseling licensure, the supervision must be provided by a qualified counselor educator as a part of a planned graduate program or by a person who holds a graduate degree beyond the baccalaureate level who is certified and/or licensed as a counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist. Supervision by an administrative superior who is not in a counseling related profession is not acceptable to the Board. Supervision by a professional counseling peer, however, may be acceptable to the Board if the peer/supervisory relationship includes the same controls and procedures expected in an internship setting, (See Subsection 150.02a) For example, the relationship should include the staffing of cases, the critiquing of counseling tapes and this supervision must be conducted in a formal, professionally consistent manner on a regularly scheduled basis.

Rule 225.01b "Direct client contact is defined as face-to-face counseling in an individual or group setting."

Rule 350 Change the word reciprocity to endorsement.


Discussion was held on the Model Disclosure Statement provided by Roger Hales.

Suggested changes to the Statement include:

#4 Change to "therapeutic orientation of practice"

#6 Add "It is the responsibility of the client to choose the provider and the client may terminate treatment at any time".

When the changes have been made, a copy is to be sent to all licensed Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, Conditional Professional Counselors, and Licensed Pastoral Counselors with a memorandum that this is a model prepared by the Board.

They need not use the exact copy but all of the information needs to be on whatever form they choose.

Discussion was held on the National Standardized Licensure and the transportability of licenses. Suggestions for the transportability of licenses include:

1. A minimum of five years (ten years) licensed.

2. No active complaints filed nor any criminal history.

3. Applicant has engaged in practice of counseling for the last five years and can document three or more of the following:

a. minimum of 1,000 hours client contact

b. leadership in profession

c. teaching a minimum of three graduate courses for credit

d. certificate to supervise

e. supervised a minimum of three persons for one year each

f. maintained liability insurance for five years with no claims filed

g. demonstrate hardship or extenuating circumstances that prohibit practice during a portion of the five year period

h. completed additional post graduate degree (counseling related)

i. demonstrates a cause for permanent residency within the state

At this time AASCB is still dealing with transportability of licenses and the Board will wait to hear further details.

The Board, by consensus, agreed to meet annually outside of Boise for the May meeting.

The suggestion was made that the May meeting be held at a college or university and the graduate students be invited.

Action Plan Items:

Having May meeting at a school campus.

Goals to be outlined at July meeting.

Having no further business before them, Dawna Jackson moved to adjourn the meeting a 2:20p.m. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Licenses issued from this meeting

Laurie M. Ingebritsen     LPCP-356     5-19-00

Daniel J. Weigel     LPCP-357     5-25-00

Donna Kay Hamlet Runge     LPCP-358     7-1-00

Randi Jo Korell     LPCP-359     7-1-00

Erinn Denise Erickson Ward     LPCP-360     7-1-00

Kathryn Sumner Kelso     LPCP-361     7-1-00

Janey Brookings Barnes     LPCP-362     6-30-00

Ramona A. Gatchell     LPC-931     4-3-00

Bert Jackson     LPC-932     5-19-00

Bob Agee, M.Ed.     LPC-933     5-19-00

Jenise A. English, M.Ed,     LPC-934     5-19-00

Margaret H. Strowd, M.Ed.     LPC-935     6-1-00

Kristen Germain Ware     LPC-936     6-30-00

Merrie L. Asher     LPC-937     6-30-00

J.A. Morales, Ph.D.     LPC-938     7-6-00

JoAnn Day-Hansen, M.Ed     LPC-939     7-6-00

Joshua A. Hays     LPC-940     7-6-00

Gail Taylor Thorngren, M.Coun.     LPC-941     7-6-00

Anita Engstrom Jones, M.A.     LPC-942     7-7-00

Kathleen Kohl, M.A.     LPC-943     7-7-00

Betty Lee Brooks     LPC-944     7-10-00

Ray James, M.Ed., Ed.S.     LPC-945     7-10-00

Nichole Konen, Ed.S., M.Ed.     LPC-946     7-10-00

Patricia Mae Bedke     CPC-25     5-4-00

Frederic Franklin Wiedemann     CPC-26     7-1-00

Francis J. Wright     CPC-27     7-3-00

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