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Minutes of October 5-6, 1999

Chairman Richard Craig called the regular meeting of the Licensed Professional Counselors to order at 9:05a.m. on October 5, 1999. 

Board members in attendance are: Richard Craig, Ed.D., Chairman, Enid Davis, Ed.D., Jun Shiosaki and Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. 

Bureau Staff in attendance are: Tom Limbaugh, Bureau Chief, Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief, John Kersey, Supervising Investigator, Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney, Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney and Janice Wiedrick, Secretary.

Dawna Jackson moved to approve the minutes of July 27-28, 1999 and August 31, 1999 as amended. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

ICA The Convention for the Idaho Counseling Association will be held on Thursday and Friday of this week at the Nampa Civic Center and the Board is scheduled to meet with the members for a question and answer period on Friday from 9 to 10:30a.m.


John Kersey reported 14 new complaints for this year, 12 of the complaints are open and under investigation.

Budd Hetrick introduced Thomas E. Limbaugh to the Board.

Budd Hetrick distributed a board member manual to Jun Shiosaki and updated sections to the other Board members.

Budd Hetrick distributed a proposed contract between the Board and the Bureau for the Board to review. Mr. Hetrick asked that adoption of the contract be considered by conference call before the first of the year.

Budd Hetrick reported the financial statement will be distributed to the Board when it has been completed.

Roger Hales reported that he is working on the definition of faith based counseling and the sexual intimacies concerns. Roger Hales is to contact Loryn Lesser at AASCB, ACA and Tom Clausen at NBCC for any clarification they may have on these items.

Donetta Foss met with the Board with proposals for Continuing Education sent in from:

Marilove Challenger An Expressive Arts Adventure

SANE Solutions

Bill Hanlon

North Idaho treatment Associates, Inc.

Dawna Jackson moved to approve all of the above submissions for Continuing Education credits. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Kirsten Wallace presented the Board with three complaints:

COU.P4.03.98.007 - Dr. Davis moved to approve a stipulated reprimand, with $150 fine and six hours of continuing education in confidentiality and Ethics. Ms. Jackson seconded and the motion carried.



Dawna Jackson moved to accept the recommendations of Kirsten Wallace for all three complaints. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Daniel Weigel met with the Board by conference call to request a Licensed Professional Counselor Private Practice license based upon his Colorado license issued in March 1999. Dawna Jackson moved to deny the LPCP license until Mr. Weigel can document 2,000 hours of direct client contact with 2 years of licensure in Idaho. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, vote: three in favor, one against, motion carried.

The meeting recessed at 3:15 to reconvene at 10a.m. on October 6, 1999.

OCTOBER 6, 1999

Dr. Craig called the meeting to order at 10a.m. with Board members Richard Craig, Chairman, Enid Davis, Dawna Jackson, and Jun Shiosaki present.

Bureau staff in attendance: Roger Hales, Budd Hetrick and Janice Wiedrick.


The following are to be issued the LPC license upon receipt of the $75 original license fee:

Cindy Lee Anderton, Jason Kyle Beard, Jeffrey Betts, Diane Daniel, Sandra Godfrey, Jim A. Grigg, Sharon Harrigfeld, Debbie Jordan, Deborah Rubel, Barbara J. Slott, Matthew Charles Steuart, Larry A. Terherst, Katherine Wolffe, and Carol VanHoozer.


Murray Doggett was approved for a conditional license.


The following were approved for the LPCP license upon receipt of the $75 original license fee:

Anita Ann Collier, Linda McGuire and Huberta Phipps.


Valez Bird requested review of the supervision hours provided by a non-licensed supervisor. Dawna Jackson, moved to accept the hours of supervision for Ms. Bird, Dr. Davis seconded the motion, motion carried unanimously.


1. Redefine to clarify scope of practice

2. Specialty licensure

3. Multiple areas of expertise

4 Reword the paragraph about supervision in the Rules

5. One-on-one, face-to-face supervision (Telecommunications)

6. Direct Client Contact

7. Faith-Based Counseling

8. People without the 1,000 hours of supervised experience where do they gain the 1,000 hours. Possible Counselor-in-Training rules.


Dr. Jerry Fischer and Mary Barros met with the Board to discuss Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling licensure. Discussion was held concerning the CRC examination, which has been shown to be equivalent to the NBCC Examination.

Discussion was also held concerning supervision as provided by a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor instead of a Licensed Professional Counselor.

The Board was advised that Rehabilitation Counselors would prefer LPC licensure instead of a specialty license.

To add the requirements for Rehabilitation Counseling, Roger Hales will research what will be required and report at the next meeting on February 1-2, 2000.

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 3:50p.m.

Licenses issued from this meeting:


Huberta Lee Phipps     LPCP-342     10-18-99

Anita Ann Collier     LPCP-343     10-18-99

Rodney D. Limb     LPCP-344     10-18-99

Jan McCormick     LPCP-345     10-21-99

Linda McGuire     LPCP-346     10-21-99

Stephen John Schrader     LPCP-347     11-22-99

Eric Richard Olson     LPCP-348     11-26-99

Ritchie Charles Weers     LPCP-349     12-9-99


Jeffrey A. Betts     LPC-901     10-12-99

Jim A. Grigg, M.S.     LPC-902     10-12-99

Diane M. Daniel, M.Ed.     LPC-903     10-13-99

Sharon L. Harrigfeld, M.Ed.     LPC-904     10-13-99

Nora Lee Gotfredson, M.Coun.     LPC-905     10-15-99

Barbara J. Slott, M.Coun.     LPC-906     10-15-99

Larry A. Terherst     LPC-907     10-15-99

Katherine Cristine Wolff, M.S.     LPC-908     10-18-99

Sandra D. Godfrey, M.A.     LPC-909     10-18-99

Jason Kyle Beard, M.A.     LPC-910     10-19-99

Debbie Jordan, M.Coun.     LPC-911     10-21-99

Deborah J. Rubel, M.Coun.     LPC-912     10-25-99

Carol R. Vanhoozer, M.Ed.     LPC-913     10-25-99

Cindy Lee Anderton, M.Coun.     LPC-914     10-25-99

Ellen L. Jaeger, M.Ed.     LPC-915     10-27-99

Jennifer Lorena Varner     LPC-916     11-8-99

Melissa A. Vogel, M.S.     LPC-917     11-22-99


Murray R. Doggett     CPC-19     10-6-99

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