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Minutes of JULY 27-28, 1999

Chairman Craig called the regular meeting of the Idaho Counselor Licensing Board to order at 9:05a.m. July 27, 1999. 

Board members present are: Richard Craig, Ed.D., Enid Davis, Ed.D., Jun Shiosaki and Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. 

Bureau staff in attendance are: Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief, Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney, Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney, John Kersey, Supervising Investigator and Janice Wiedrick, Secretary.

Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. moved to approve the minutes of May 4-5, 1999 meeting. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion passed.


John Kersey, Supervising Investigator, reported that eight complaints have been received this year and one has been closed without action. Of the ten complaints received in 1998, two are under investigation, and one from 1996 is still open.

Names suggested by the Board for pro-review are as listed:

Jerry Tuchscherer, Moscow

Barry Watts, Boise

Steven Feit, Pocatello

Tom Hipple, U of I

Tom Edgar, Boise

Art Lloyd, Pocatello

Kirsten Wallace met with the Board to discuss complaints.

For complaint Cou-P4-03-98-007 Dr. Davis moved to have a stern warning letter, $150 fine, require a six hour Ethics class for Continuing Education, and to drop the earlier suggested probation, Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. seconded the motion, motion carried.

For complaint Cou-P4-01-98-009 no action to be taken.

Board will look into the faith-based or sect exemption and the non-profit organization exemption to see of these can be tightened.

Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief, presented the financial report. The report shows a positive balance of $103,171.73. Mr. Hetrick reported the contract with the Bureau is in the drafting stage and will be presented to the Chairman for signature when completed.

The web page is in effect and the Board is encouraged to check it out. If there are any changes or additions, contact Mr. Hetrick.


A letter of invitation for the October 5-6, 1999 meeting be sent to Dr. Jerry Fischer to discuss specialty licensure for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.

Dan Weinrich-Dr. Craig to draft a letter to Mr. Weinrich on licensure requirements.

Cherie Seniour needs 12 semester credits in counseling, NBCC examination score and an explanation of ED-595 Advanced Field Placement to see if it meets the requirements for practicum/internship.

The upcoming budget for the Board was given to Chairman Craig. Budget items to be included are: an extra day at the February Board meeting for a retreat or workshop.

Continuing Education submissions were reviewed. Discussion was held on the need to put on an Ethics workshop for continuing education.

Donetta Foss, Continuing Education Secretary, is to be invited to the October 5-6, 1999 to discuss Continuing Education.

Brochure-Jun Shiosaki moved that when completed the brochure is to be printed and to distribute 5 copies to all licensees and 50 copies to the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, Boise State University and Northwest Nazarene University. Dr. Davis seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dr. Davis' term of office ended July 1, 1999, Dr. Davis is willing to serve another term and a letter is to be sent to ICA reflecting her willingness to serve another term.


The following were approved for Licensed Professional Counselor licensure upon receipt of the $75 original license fee:

Becka Ashcraft, C.R. Auxier, Jenny Alia Callao, Jennifer Cochern, Elizabeth Gibson, Mary J. Phillips Green, Christine Klover, Stacy Lynn Kurtin, Rand G. Martel, Susan M. Oliver, Mary E. Perry, Karla Kay Shaffer, Kelly Crim Shrumm, Sharon Gwen Smith, Jennifer Varner, Betty A. Ward, Daniel J. Weigel, Karla J. West, Patricia Woodbury, Scott B. Ziemer and Damon Bernard Zimmerman.

The following need to complete the noted requirements prior to licensing:

Susan Ash 15 semester graduate credits, three hours practicum.

Judith Bushnell eight more semester graduate credits.

Mary T. Crum - transcript does not show a completed Master's degree.

Leslie Cullen needs 25 semester graduate credits in counseling and the NBCC score 

Diane Daniel 2 semester graduate credits and 200 hours supervised experience.

Jacqueline Gedeik need information on Richard Poole's Masters degree and 12 semester graduate credits in counseling.

Nora Lee Gotfredson needs 121 hours of supervised experience.

Rebecca Houston needs 24 hours of supervised experience.

Glenda Saunders Randall needs to show graduate degree.

Melissa Vogel needs to show 1,000 hours of supervised experience by a LPC.

On the blue supervision form the Board requests the following be added prior to the Supervisor's signature:

As supervisor, do you have any reservations about the applicant's being granted a license for the independent practice of Counseling? YES _____ NO ______

IF YES, PLEASE SPECIFY (attach additional sheet if necessary): ________________

Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney, met with the Board to discuss the difference between sexual advances and sexual intimacies. Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. is to check with the American Counselor Association to see if ACA Ethics Committee has a definition of terms, judgments or legal opinions.

Discussion was held on the faith-based or sect exemption and this needs more research. The Board will contact the Idaho Counseling Association to see if the faith-based or sect and non-profit exemptions can be closed.

Discussion was held on how to make the public more aware of the licensure law for Counselors. One possibility would be a public announcement ad. The brochure is also designed for the public.

The meeting recessed at 4:00p.m. to reconvene at 9:00a.m. on July 28, 1999.

Chairman Craig called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m. 

Board members present were: Dr. Craig, Jun Shiosaki, Dr. Davis and Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. 

Bureau Staff present: Janice Wiedrick, Secretary.

The following were approved for Licensed Professional Counselor Private Practice licensure upon receipt of the $75 original license fee and $20 wall certificate fee:

Barbara Elizabeth Campbell, Arthur Eaton Finch, Carol C. Hackney and Thomas Allan Nielson.

The following were approved for the Conditional Professional Counselor licensing:

Jerry R. Williams, Anita Anderson and Milton Thomas Jacobs.

A telephone conference was held with Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney, on the Conditional Professional Counselor requirement for an established practice of three years. Does the practice have to be in Idaho? Roger Hales determined that the practice is not limited to Idaho.

Jun Shiosaki moved to accept three years of out-of-state practice toward the Conditional Professional Counselor requirements. Dawna Jackson, M.Coun., seconded the motion, motion carried.

The new lawbooks effective July 1, 1999 were distributed to the Board. Dr. Davis stated she liked the new format for the lawbooks with the table of contents and indexes.


Dr. Davis moved to elect Dr. Craig as Chairman until the February 2,000 meeting. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dawna Jackson, M.Coun., moved to elect Dr. Davis as Vice-Chairman. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dawna Jackson, M.Coun., cast a unanimous ballot to elect Jun Shiosaki as Secretary. Dr. Davis seconded the motion, motion passed.

The minute book and wall certificates were signed.

The next meeting will be October 4-5, 1999 and agenda items are:

Donetta Foss Continuing Education Secretary

Dr. Jerry Fischer Vocational Rehabilitation specialty licensure

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 11:00a.m.

Licenses issued as a result of this meeting:

Thomas Allan Nielson     LPCP-338     8-3-99

Barbara Elizabeth Campbell     LPCP-339     8-3-99

Arthur Eaton Finch, Jr.     LPCP-340     8-5-99

Carol C. Hackney     LPCP-341     8-5-99

Damon Bernard Zimmerman     LPC-877     7-29-99

Patricia J. Woodbury     LPC-878     7-28-99

Rand G. Martel, M.Coun.     LPC-879     8-2-99

Terry Smith Koehler,, M.A.     LPC-880     8-3-99

Kelly Crim Shrumm, M.Coun.     LPC-881     8-3-99

Karla J. West, M.A.     LPC-882     8-3-99

Rayma J. Johnson, M.Coun.     LPC-883     8-3-99

Elizabeth A. Gibson     LPC-884     8-3-99

Scott B. Ziemer, M.Ed.     LPC-885     8-4-99

Daniel J. Weigel     LPC-886     8-4-99

Mary E. Perry, M.Ed.     LPC-887     8-4-99

C.R. Auxier, M.A.     LPC-888     8-5-99

Mary J. Phillips-Green     LPC-889     8-5-99

Jenny Alia Callao, M.Ed.     LPC-890     8-5-99

Jennifer C. Cochern     LPC-891     8-5-99

Stacy Lynn Kurtin, M.A.     LPC-892     8-9-99

Susan M. Oliver, M.Coun.     LPC-893     8-9-99

Christine L. Klover     LPC-894     8-13-99

Sharon Gwen Smith M.Ed.     LPC-895     8-13-99

Rebecca L. Houston, M.Coun.     LPC-896     8-26-99

Becka B. Ashcraft, M.Ed.     LPC-897     8-30-99

Glenda Saunders Randall     LPC-898     8-31-99

Mary T. Crum     LPC-899     9-2-99

Terri L. Elizondo, M.Coun.     LPC-900     9-13-99

Anita Anderson     CPC-13     7-28-99

Jerry R. Williams     CPC-14     7-28-99

Milton Thomas Jacobs     CPC-15     7-28-99

Michael Clyde Boyle     CPC-16     8-24-99

Benjamin Wycliff Johnson, III, M.Ed.     CPC-17     9-8-99

Fancis M. Woodard     CPC-18     9-14-99

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