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Minutes of May 4-5, 1999

The regular meeting of the Idaho Counselor Licensing Board was called to order on May 4, 1999 at 9:10a.m. by Chairman Richard Craig, Ed.D. Board members present are Richard Craig, Ed.D., Enid Davis, Ed.D. and Jun Shiosaki. Absent/ excused is Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. 

Bureau staff present include: Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief, Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney, Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney, and Janice Wiedrick, secretary.

Jun Shiosaki was welcomed to the Board.

Dr. Davis moved to approve the minutes of the February 1-2, 1999 meeting. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney, met with the Board to discuss eight disciplinary cases. The Board recommended four of the cases be closed, three cases be closed with advisory letters and to pursue one consent order.

Discussion was held on faith-based counseling. Roger Hales is to research the definition of faith-based counseling so the Board can further define faith-based counseling by rule.

Budd Hetrick met with the Board and reported that a financial report will be mailed to the Board members at a later date.

Discussion was held on the new renewal form that will be utilized this year. Since the LPCP is still a new license the Board requests that the Continuing Education be documented for each licensee. The renewal forms for LPCP & LPAS were approved as presented.


Discussion was held on holding the meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday instead of Mondays and Tuesdays. The Board agreed to hold the meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each time.

The Board meeting for July will be held at the Bureau on July 27-28, 1999.

Discussion on the Licensed Pastoral Counselor wall certificate was held. Since only one Licensed Pastoral Counselor at this time needs a wall certificate, the Bureau is to check on ordering a few laser printed wall certificates that are suitable.


Discussion was held on Rehabilitation Counselors and whether or not they fit within the Counselor licensing.

The Board determined that credentialed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors may conduct private practice within the scope of their training and are exempt from licensure as a Counselor.

If a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor seeks LPC licensure, the NBCC examination and documented supervision by a LPC would be required.

The Board requests that Dr. Jerry Fischer or a local representative come to the July meeting to discuss licensure of Rehabilitation Counselors with the Board.

The Board reviewed and approved the following files for termination:

Tim Alderson, Michelle Arkoosh-Owen, Merle A. Buckland, Barbara Cook, Gary M. Daily, Pat Kaes, Terrance Klauser, Vernon Morse and Warren Olson.

The following applicants are to receive a letter of intent to pursue licensure because there has been no activity in the file for over one year:

Anita Anderson, Kenneth Brown, Carmen Boester, Dennis Carmona, Connie L. Collins, Lockia Arnold Farrar, James Gordon Ferguson, Christy L. Gardner-Trees, Lisa M. Hollifield, Carol B. Huttanus, Myrna Landis McDaniel, Steve Milionis, Viann Nations, Gina Pratt, Jane Poulson, Carmen Russonielle, Robert David Sampson, Randy E. Shank, Patricia Siebenaler, Lori L. Smith, Sharon Gwen Smith, Carol R. Vanhoozer, Kathryn Mordecai Vashro, Vanessa Lynn Wesbrock and Katherine Christine Wolff.

The Board reviewed applications for Licensed Professional Counselors and approved the following for licensure upon receipt of the $75 original license fee:

Jerilyn Blum, Tricia Brown, Ray E. Cammack, Kathy Downes, Terri Elizondo, Terry Koehler, Peggy M. Lindholm, Flora Pederson and Michol Polson.

The following applicants lacked the noted requirements for licensure:

Rona Brumpton needs 150 supervised hours

Jacqueline Gedeik- needs 12 semester hours and 1,000 supervised experience.

Maralee Hubble Board requests information on field placement course and general theories class.

Rayma Johnson needs 141 supervised experience and NBCC.

Kenneth Marlowe needs 529 supervised experience hours.

Karla Kay Shaffer needs 1,000 hours supervised by a Counselor, Social Worker, Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 to reconvene at 9:00a.m. May 5, 1999

May 5, 1999

Chairman Craig called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m. Board members present are: Chairman Craig, Dr. Davis, Jun Shiosaki and Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. 

Bureau staff present: Janice Wiedrick, secretary.

Dawna Jackson, M.Coun., moved to table discussion on specialty licensure for Marriage and Family counseling until after the Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling licensure discussion is completed. This is based upon the fact that Marriage and Family is an area of expertise within Counselor licensing. Jun Shiosaki seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dawna Jackson, M.Coun., suggests that an outline of the topics and themes of the minute book, done by a graduate student, would be helpful to the Board members and a good research project for the student.

The Board reviewed applications for LPCP with the following being approved for licensure upon receipt of the $75 licensure fee and $20 wall certificate fee:

Teresa Marie Christensen, Angela Clancy, William Cooper, Steven Hundley, Mona Kim-Brown, Judith Annette Lehrman, Patrick Murphy, Jan M. Olson, and Kathleen Stoddard Tomazin.

The following applicants lack the noted requirements at this time:

Brenda Freeman needs verification of 2,000 hours direct-client-contact since licensure in Wyoming.

Kenneth Michol Coll needs verification of 2,000 hours direct-client-contact since licensure in Wyoming.

Ritchie Charles Weers needs 800 hours supervised experience.

Agenda Items for July meeting:

Vocational Rehabilitation discussion

Election of Officers

Definition of faith-based counseling

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 1:00p.m.

Licenses Issued as a result of this meeting:

William Sanuel Cooper, Ph.D.     LPCP-324     5-11-99

Judith Annette Lehrman     LPCP-325     5-12-99

Jan M. Olson     LPCP-326     5-13-99

Mona J. Kim-Brown     LPCP-327     5-17-99

Michael Charles Borg     LPCP-328     7-1-99

Teresa Marie Christian     LPCP-329     7-1-99

Angela R. Clancy     LPCP-330     7-1-99

Kevin Richard Kracke     LPCP-331     7-1-99

Kathleen Stoddard Tomazin     LPCP-332     7-1-99

Laura Sferra Watkins     LPCP-333     7-1-99

Kenneth Michael Coll, Ph.D.     LPCP-334     7-1-99

Brenda Freeman, Ph.D.     LPCP-335     7-1-99

Steven F. Hundley     LPCP-336     7-1-99

Michol Polson,Ph.D.     LPCP-337     7-15-99

Flory E. Sanchos-Welch     LPC-863     5-3-99

Rona M. Brumpton     LPC-864     5-17-99

Michol Polson, Ph.D.     LPCP-865     5-17-99

Laura Cromwell, M.Ed.     LPC-866     5-17-99

Trisha Brown, M.Ed.     LPC-867     6-1-99

Kenneth R. Marlowe     LPC-868     7-1-99

Kathleen Parsons, M.Coun.     LPC-869     7-1-99

Kathy A. Downes, M.Coun.     LPC-870     7-8-99

Ray E. Cammack, M.Ed.     LPC-871     7-8-99

Teena J. Rhoads, M.Coun.     LPC-872     7-8-99

Peggy M. Lindholm, M.Ed.     LPC-873     7-8-99

Jerilynn Blum, M.A.     LPC-874     7-9-99

Flora Marie Pedersen     LPC-875     7-8-99

Maralee Hubble, M.A.     LPC-876     7-15-99

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