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Board Meeting
February 1-2, 1999

The regular meeting of the Counselor Licensing Board was called to order at 9:00a.m. by Chairman Dr. Richard Craig. Board members present were, Richard Craig, Ed.D., Dawna Jackson-Sanford, M.Coun. and Enid Davis, Ed.D. Bureau staff in attendance were: Janice Wiedrick, Secretary.

Michael Ryan and Deborah Hardy met with the Board to discuss the Counselor law and how it applies to Michael Ryan, Sociologist. Mr. Ryan said he teaches and does private or group consultation. He asked for an exemption for faith-based counseling. The Board recommended that Mr. Ryan apply for a Social Worker license or LPC through the Bureau. The Board is to talk to Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney, about this matter.

Dawna Jackson-Sanford, M.Coun. moved to approve the minutes of October 5-6, 1998 Board meeting. Dr. Davis seconded the motion, motion carried.


Dr. Craig reported on the NBCC meeting. The committee on supervision will develop a blanket statement on supervision. The states may then individualize the statement as appropriate. Also, for the year 2001, supervision will be one-to-two instead of one-to-one.

Discussion was held on the definition of "face-to-face" requirements since videos and telecommunications are available. Also included in the discussion were continuing education credits and how they can be earned with the new technology. The Board determined that the laws and rules would have to be amended to address the changes that are taking place in the industry.

Next year’s meeting will be held in Denver CO and the following year New Orleans.

Discussion was held on adding another board member in the future, possibly a marriage and family counselor.

Diane Daniel met with the Board to petition for a waiver of the LPCP requirements. Ms. Daniel has been licensed in Washington but is not licensed in Idaho and wants to be licensed as a LPCP. Board advised her that she must first become licensed as a LPC then show the 2,000 hours of direct client contact and diagnostic proficiency to gain the LPCP.

Ray Watson met with the Board to request a conditional license. Mr. Watson has been licensed in Washington and has two years nine months practice in Idaho. The Board is unable to waive the three-year requirement for a conditional license. The Board suggests that Mr. Watson send in a reciprocity application for the LPCP license, since the requirements for that license have been met in Washington. The Board advised that he must also document that, since becoming licensed in Washington, he obtained 1,000 hours of supervised direct client contact and proficiency in diagnostic evaluation. Dawna Jackson-Sanford, M.Coun. moved to review the application for LPCP for Mr. Watson as soon as it is received. Dr. Davis seconded the motion, motion carried.

Dan Weinrick met with the Board to request a waiver on the six-practicum hour requirement for licensure as a LPC. The Board is unable to grant the waiver and suggests that Mr. Weinrick check with the University of Idaho and Idaho State University to gain the three semester credits in practicum/internship lacking for licensure.

Mary Barros met with the Board to discuss the licensure of Rehabilitation Counselors in private practice. Rehabilitation counselors are supervised by Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC). Dr. Craig is to research the matter.


The board business file was cleared with the following actions taken:

Heidi Hart requested approval for 24 hours of continuing education credits for Family & Conciliation Courts seminar. The approval was granted.

Magellan Behavioral Health Survey was completed.

Katherine Sheneman requested a review of her transcripts. The Board found 51 semester credits from Chapman University, three of the courses are in question, the social work 400 level classes may or may not be graduate level. The Board requests the information page from Chapman University for further evaluation. Six quarter (four semester) credits from University of California, Riverside were approved.



Eric Johnson was approved for the voluntary registry for supervision.


Approved for licensure, pending receipt of the $75 original license fee, are:

Karen Andrus, Laura Cromwell, Cindy Garner, Kathleen Battersby, Francis Hughes, Amy Iverson, Joyce James, Shauna Julian, Elizabeth Larson, Michelle H. Martin, Paula J. Meyers, Robin Raney, Teena J. Rhoads, Flory E. Sancho-Welsh and Steve Thaxton.

The following need to complete the licensure process by the noted actions:

Todd Frye – official transcripts

Holly Hughes – supervision by Joe Alexander Ph.D. not approved.

Ellen Jaeger – must clarify supervised experience hours


The following were approved for LPCP licensure, pending receipt of the original license fee:

Michael Charles Borg, Kevin Richard Kracke, Richard Troyer and Laura Sferra Watkins.

To complete the licensure process the applicants need the following:

Michelle L. Bott-Graham – 2,000 hours supervised, direct client contact since becoming licensed.

Debbie Skousen – 2,000 hours supervised direct client contact since becoming licensed.

Jeremiah Steenblock – proof of diagnostic proficiency.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15p.m.

FEBRUARY 2, 1999

Dr. Craig called the meeting order at 9:15a.m. Board members present were: Richard Craig, Ed.D, Chairman, Enid Davis, Ed.D., and Dawna Jackson, M.Coun. Bureau Staff present were: Carmen Westberg, Bureau Chief, Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief, John Kersey, Supervising Investigator, Joe Van Huss and Carol Ellenger, Investigators, Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney and Janice Wiedrick, secretary.


John Kersey, Supervising Investigator, distributed the disciplinary report showing nine complaints received in 1998, of which two have been closed. One investigation from 1997 and one from 1996 are still open. The Board requests a synopsis of the cases closed be added to the disciplinary report.

Carmen Westberg, Bureau Chief, distributed the financial report showing a positive balance of $86,350.90. Ms. Westberg reported the cost allocations for the up-coming year’s contract have not been finalized but when complete the report will be sent to the Board.

Ms Westberg reported the law change for fining authority and cost recovery for unlicensed persons will not be presented to the Legislature this year.

Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief, distributed web page information to the Board for review.

Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney, met with the Board to discuss adding two new specialty licenses, Marriage and Family Counselors and Certified Rehabilitation Counselors.

A workshop is to be planned for further discussion of law and rule changes necessary for the growing industry.

1. Law changes needed

2. Rule changes needed

3. Definitions – direct client contact

4. Continuing Education – telecommunications

The meeting adjourned at 1:15p.m.

Licenses issued as a result of this meeting:


Michelle H. Martin, M.Coun.     LPC-849     2-2-99

Robin E. Raney, M.Coun.     LPC-850     2-4-99

Elizabeth T. Larson, M.Coun.     LPC-851     2-4-99

Shauna D. Julian     LPC-852     2-5-99

Steve Thaxton     LPC-853     2-8-99

Kathleen Battersby, M.S.     LPC-854     2-9-99



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