September 18, 2006



Meeting called to order at 11:00 a.m. by Chair Eric Negaard.  Those present: Geneal Thompson, Vice Chair; Board members

Joni Huff, Linda Swope, and Mary Lambert. 


Bureau Staff present:  Bureau Chief Rayola Jacobsen, Deputy Bureau Chief Budd Hetrick and Secretary, Kim Aksamit.

Legal Counsel: Roger Hales.


Other Present: Nancy Roland, and JR Scholes.


Discussion was held regarding the duties of the Bureau and the Board as defined by the Contract for Services between the Bureau and the Board.


Following discussion the Board recommended that the Bureau draft proposed law change and negotiated rules to

accommodate the administration of the examination by a third party, so moved by Ms. Huff; carried.


Discussion was held regarding rule 500 and the possibility of students not being required to register with the Board.


A committee with Ms. Huff and Ms. Swope has been established to research school curriculums and standards for training in regards to hours for areas of study and report back to the Board with recommendations, Ms. Thompson will make recommendation for esthetics curriculums.


The Board addressed their concerns with legal counsel regarding advice given to the Board. 


The Board discussed with the Bureau alternatives to opening a dialog of discussion with the Barber Board and the recommendation of the board is to draft a letter to the Barber Board, to be drafted by Ms. Jacobsen for review and approval of the Chair prior to sending.   


Motion made for Ms. Swope for board expenses to be paid for this meeting, seconded by Ms. Huff, motion carried.   


Meeting adjourned