Bureau of Occupational Licenses

Boise, Idaho








7:30 a.m. Breakfast meeting/preparation for meeting in The Plaza Grill


8:30 a.m. Roll Call


Approve minutes of October 3rd, November 14th, and December 12th.


Bureau Staff:

            Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                         Legislative Report

            Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                         Financial Report

                         Investigative Report

            Emily Mac Master, Deputy Attorney General

                        Consent Orders:

                        COS-2006-3 and 4

                        COS-2006-6 and 7

            Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney


New Business

            1. Advise of the new NIC CIB'S

            2. Advise of the hot/cold iron

            3. Discuss deadline for final record of instruction

            4. Review additional curriculum for Oliver Finley

            5. Discuss examiners honorarium          

            6. Review next year NIC training


School Owners


Old Business

            1. Discuss sanitation of Nail Brushes

             2. Discuss creating a new 1000 hour haircutting stylist license

            3. Review DL Rope being test administrator/exam discussion

            4. Discuss the word Patron

            5. Discuss redefining esthetician in the law/rule

            6. Discuss post card for soliciting examiners


Other Agenda Items

1.Executive Session to consider records that are exempt from disclosure as provided in chapter 3, title 9, Idaho Code

            2. Review correspondence