Idaho State Board of Chiropractic Physicians

Bureau of Occupational Licenses

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Boise, Idaho 83702-5642

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Conference Call Meeting Minutes of September 5, 2007



ROLL CALL:              Dr. Shannon Gaertner-Ewing, Chair

                                    Dr. Geffrey Anderson

                                    Dr. Larry Nelson

                                    Jun Shiosaki, Lay Member


ALSO PRESENT:       Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                    Karl Klein, Deputy Attorney General

                                    Cherie Simpson, Management Assistant

                                    Marilyn London, Technical Records Specialist I


Chairman Dr. Gaertner-Ewing called the meeting to order at 12:18 a.m.


Mr. Hales reviewed with the Board the proposed law changes.


Moved by Dr. Nelson that the Board accept the proposed law changes with the recommended change that was discussed and submit it to the Board of Medicine.  Seconded by Dr. Anderson, motion carried.


Recommended Action on Disciplinary Complaint


Mr. Klein presented complaint case CHI-2007-6 regarding advertising.  Moved by Dr. Anderson that the Board close the case and have the prosecutor send a warning letter to respondent and have a letter prepared to send to all Idaho licensed chiropractors regarding the rules that govern advertising.  Seconded by Dr. Nelson, motion carried.


Dr. Anderson asked the Board if continuing education credit could be given for a chiropractor that attends an informal training if the doctor signs off.  The Board stated that the rules require it to be a formal training approved by a chiropractor college or approved by the Board.


 Moved by Dr. Anderson that the board meeting adjourn at 12:50 p.m.  Seconded by Mr. Shiosaki, motion carried.