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Meeting Minutes of March 05, 2003


Roll Call:         Dr. Dennis Harper, Chair

                       Dr. Zane Sterling, Vice-Chair

                       Dr. Patrick Mayo

                       Dr. James Hollingsworth

                                Sandra Averill


Others present:        Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                        Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                        Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                        Sandee Hitesman, Secretary


Meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chair, Dr. Dennis Harper.  

Minutes from December 03, 2002 board meeting were reviewed.  Minutes stand approved as submitted. 

License renewal application was reviewed.  Board discussed additions and changes to the form.  Motion was made by Dr. Harper to enlarge the first paragraph under the license number; increase the font size one size and bold “All license renewals postmarked after the expiration date will be assessed a reinstatement fee of $250.00 in addition to the renewal fee noted above” and add the sentence “If your license is not renewed by the expiration date, you will be practicing without a license”.  Move the sentence “Please write your license number on your check or money order” to #4 under the title, This Form Must Be Completed And Submitted In Its Entirety.  Move #4, “Enclose Payment”, to #5.  Change the sentence under Signature from “Applications for renewal that do not include a signature and social security number will be returned and the license renewal will not be processed” to say, “Applications for renewal that are not completed in their entirety will be returned and the license renewal will not be processed.”

Fax the new license renewal application to Dr. Hollingsworth when completed.  Ms. Averill seconded, carried. 

Reviewed an application for licensure.  The board asked the Bureau to talk with Mr. Hales regarding the affidavit signed for application.  Motion was made by Dr. Hollingsworth to:

a.      Request a certified copy of the court order dismissing the information.

b.     Request all California documents that form the basis for establishing he has met the requirements of the order of the deferral, dated Nov. 5, 1992.

c.      Request all documents showing rehabilitation from conduct.

d.     Request full evaluation performed by Psychological Associates, P.A. on May 27, 1995.

 Dr. Mayo seconded, carried. 

Mr. Hetrick gave the financial report.  Finances for the board are on track.  Ms. Averill asked why the decrease in amount of monies in the Boards account compared to previous years.  Mr. Hetrick explained this was due to the cost of doing business going up.  Investigative costs have risen, the Bureau’s lease went up and legal costs have increased.

Mr. Hetrick encouraged the Board to call him with any questions they might have. 

The 5-year Historical Comparison Report is now available and will be added to the website. 

Mr. Hetrick gave the investigative report.  There has been 7 complaints so far this fiscal year.  There are 10 complaints still under investigation from previous fiscal years. 

Board discussed ACU-B2A-02-02-2, practicing Chiropractic without a license. The matter was referred for criminal prosecution and the court dismissed the charge.   

Moved by Dr. Hollingsworth that Board go into executive session to discuss matters not subject to public disclosure.  Seconded by Dr. Harper, carried.

Moved by Ms. Averill that Board come out of executive session.  Seconded by Dr. Sterling, carried. 

Motion was made by Dr. Hollingsworth that once a stipulation was received, the chairman was to make his decision, and if need be, a meeting be called based on his discretion.  Ms. Averill seconded, carried. 

Discussed House Bill #17, Amending section 54-705, Idaho Code, to clarify an exemption, to provide correct terminology, to make technical corrections and to raise the fee cap.  The bill is still in the house.  

Discussed House Bill #199.  This bill states that Athletic Trainers must work under the direct supervision of an MD.  This would eliminate Chiropractors being able to hire Athletic Trainers.  Mr. Hale advised that the Association might want to address this issue.  Dr. Harper will meet with Senator Brad this afternoon regarding this bill and whether Chiropractors should be concerned.  

Discussed Documentation Committee meeting to be held.  The board discussed the  proposed wording discussed at thelast board meeting that stated, “A Chiropractor is required to make a reliable, valid, diagnosis.”  Argument was made that a Chiropractor may not be able to make a reliable, valid, diagnosis if a specialist or provider is required to perform a test or come to a definitive diagnosis.  Motion was made by Dr. Mayo to instead take to the Documentation Committee that “a Chiropractor is required to make a diagnosis that is substantiated by his documentation.”  Dr. Sterling seconded, carried.  

Motion was made by Dr. Mayo that the Documentation Committee have recommendations ready for Board action by May 1, 2003.  Dr. Hollingsworth seconded, carried. 

Reviewed correspondence letter requesting Part 3 and 4 of National Exam be waived.  Board asked the Bureau to send a letter explaining the laws and rules regarding the National Exams, and that an application for licensure is always welcome. 

Discussed Life University’s accreditation status.  Life University is considered an accredited college for as long as their probationary period lasts.  Dr. Hollingsworth suggested the Bureau call and find out when the probationary period is scheduled to end. 

Continuing Education requests were reviewed.  Motion was made by Dr. Hollingsworth to deny approval of the continuing education requests presented to the board.  Dr. Mayo seconded, carried. 

Conference Call meeting was scheduled for May 13, 2003 at noon to review the Documentation Committee submission. Dr. Harper will E-mail the results of the Documentation Committee meeting to the Bureau.  The Bureau will convert this to a Word document and E-mail to the rest of the Board before this conference call to give the Board time to come up with changes and thoughts.  

Board meeting was scheduled for May 30, 2003 at the Owyhee Plaza. 

Dr. Mayo made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:00 p.m.  Seconded by Dr. Harper, carried.

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