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Conference Call Minutes of April 2, 2002 


Roll Call:                      Dr. Dennis Harper, Chair

                                    Dr. Patrick Mayo

                                    Dr. Zane Sterling

                                    Dr. James Hollingsworth

                                    Sandra Averill


Others present:            Cherie Simpson, Admin. Asst. I


Call commenced at 12:00 p.m. 

Discussion was held on the revisions for the following peer review forms. 

Peer review flow chart --  Step 9 (Copies of reviews sent to each reviewing Doctor) to be stricken and step 10 (Conference call of reviewers to reach final agreement) moved into Step 9.  Step 10 addition; select a moderator from the reviewing doctor to conduct the discussion.  

Peer Review Worksheet #200 – Conclusions section of page 3 needs the following additions:  Signature lines for all three reviewers, add Yes, No boxes to remain consistant with other forms. 

Discussion was held on the rules pertaining to Advertising.  Dr. Sterling felt the Board should take a stand on the term “specializes” as it is used in advertising. 

Moved by Ms. Averill that Dr. Sterling make the  changes to the peer review documents and forms be distributed to the members of the Board for approval by signature.  Seconded by Dr. Mayo, carried. 

Discussion was held on the discussion held with Dr. Heron of FCLB regarding continuing education and FCLB taking charge of the approvals.  Dr. Harper stated that would require a statute change and is not something the Board would consider. 

Dr. Hollingsworth stated that Drs. Mayo and Sterling did an excellent job revising the forms to improve the peer review process. 

Call ended at 1:03 p.m. 

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