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MINUTES OF April 10, 2001

Call commenced at 1:00 p.m. mdt.

Roll Call: Dr. Henry West, Chair

Dr. James Hollingsworth

Dr. Zane Sterling

Dr. Dennis Harper

Sandra Averill


Others present: Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

Roger Hales, Legal Counsel

Cherie Simpson, Administrative Assistant I


Discussion was held on the recent legislation and the revision of rule 350 that was approved during the last meeting of the Board as a temporary rule.

Moved by Dr. Sterling that Board go into executive session to discuss matters that are not subject to public disclosure. Seconded by Dr. Harper, carried.

Moved by Dr. Hollingsworth that Board come out of executive session. Seconded by Dr. Harper, carried. Moved by Dr. Harper that Dr. Hollingsworth, Dr. Sterling, and Ms. Averill put together a refined list of conditions for licensure for candidate CHI12201RST.

Peer Review was discussed. It was determined that Dr. Moldenhauer needs to meet with the Board via telephone conference call to discuss peer review. Discussion was also held on the Boards presentation to the Association on documentation and a minimum accepted standard.

Moved by Dr. Harper that the Bureau contact Dr. Moldenhauer regarding the presentation and that a written format be distributed to the Board. Seconded by Dr. Hollingsworth, carried.

Moved by Dr. Hollingsworth that Mr. Hales write letter to the Idaho Falls Chiropractic Clinic care of Eric Adams reiterating that standard of care requires good documentation with patient history and work up and to protect themselves as well as the public to make sure that appropriate history are taken before seeing patients. Seconded by Ms. Averill, carried with Dr. Sterling and Dr. Harper voting nay. Moved by Dr. Harper that copy of this letter be sent to Health and Human Services stating the Board is concerned about a Doctor practicing without proper records that has not charges filed and the risk to the patients this entails. Motion failed due to lack of second.

Call ended at 1:50 p.m.


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