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MINUTES OF July 11, 2000

Call commenced at 1:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Dr. James Hollingsworth, Chair

Dr. Henry West

Dr. Zane Sterling

Dr. Dennis Harper

Sandra Averill


Others present: Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

Cherie Simpson, Administrative Assistant



Discussion was held on the possibility of including the definition for preceptoreship in Idaho laws and rules. Deadline date for proposal was discussed. Ideas need to be submitted to the Governorís office by August 1, 2000. The law change could be presented to become effective upon execution by the Governor. Moved by Dr. Harper that the proposal allow the practice of chiropractic by an intern under the direct supervision of a licensed chiropractic physician pursuant to a preceptor program adopted and developed by rules of the Board. Seconded by Ms. Averill, carried.

Discussion was held on the peer review forms. Ms. Simpson will contact Dr. Moldenhaur for the disk containing the forms so that they can be electronically transferred to Dr. Hollingsworth and Dr. Sterling for editing purposes.


Moved by Dr. West that the Board Chair send letters of notification about personal advertising as it relates to "Board Certified" to all licensees in Idaho. Seconded by Dr. Harper, carried.

Moved by Dr. Harper that the fee schedule in the Idaho Chiropractic Rules that pertain to peer review be changed to reflect the following: $125.00 if less than $1000; $225.00 if $1001 to $3000; and $325.00 if $3001 and over. Seconded by Ms. Averill, carried.

Moved by Dr. Harper, seconded by Ms. Averill that call adjourn at 2:10 p.m.. Carried.


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