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MINUTES OF June 21, 1999

Call commenced at 12:30 p.m.

Roll call: Dr. James Hollingsworth

Dr. Glenn Moldenhauer

Dr. Henry West

Dr. Eric Boughton

Sandy Averill


Others Present: 

Roger Hales

Budd Hetrick, Jr.

John Kersey

Donetta Foss

Cherie Simpson


Discussion was held on the sales tax issue and the need of chiropractic physicians to have prescriptive rights for select items. Mr. Hales will draft an opinion for the Board dealing with prescriptions and prescriptive rights.

Discussion was held on implementation of Part IV and the Spec examination.


Motion by Mr. Moldenhaur, seconded by Mr. Boughton that the Chiropractic Orthopedics class held June 19 and 20 be approved for continuing education credits. Carried.

Motion by Dr. West, seconded by Mr. Moldenhauer that the seminar taught by Dr. Lester Lamb sponsored by Western States Chiropractic College on June 12 and 13 be approved for continuing education credits. Carried.

The Board suggested that a letter be sent to the continuing education departments of schools noting that CE programs should be submitted to the Board for approval in advance of the program. Dr. Moldenhauer will draft letter and send to Dr. Hollingsworth for signature.

Motion by Dr. West, seconded by Dr. Boughton that letter be drafted for all Chiropractors in the state suggesting that they determine in advance whether the class 1) is germane to the practice of chiropractic, and 2) is it sponsored by a college approved by the Board.

Dr. Hollingsworth stated that he and Dr. Moldenhauer proctored the final examination and that there were three candidates.

Discussion was held on the requirement of a jurisprudence examination. It was noted that rule 200 was in need of revision.

Dr. Moldenhauer asked if applicants were still required to sign an statement agreeing to abide by the law. Mr. Hetrick explained that the application which is signed by all licensees states that they are familiar with, and will comply with the laws and rules. The Board determined the application affidavit met the requirement of rule 100.02.b.v.

Peer review seminar scheduled for August 6, 1999 was discussed.

Call ended at 1:25 p.m.

Board approved 8/18/99

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