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MINUTES OF February 24, 1999

The Idaho Board of Chiropractic Physicians held a conference call on February 24, 1999, beginning at 12:00 p.m. (MST). Board members participating in the call were:

Dr. Glenn Moldenhauer, Chair

Dr. Eric V. Boughton, Member

Dr. James Hollingsworth, Member

Dr. Henry West, Member

Ms. Sandra Averill, Member


Also present were:

Carmen Westberg, Bureau Chief

Budd Hetrick, Business Operations Specialist

Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

Ruth Swan-Brown, Administrative Assistant


The meeting was called to order by Dr. Moldenhauer, Chair, at 12:00 p.m.

All Board members being present, Dr. Moldenhauer requested that Roger Hales begin discussion regarding the topic of peer review. Mr. Hales advised he had no specific issues on the topic. He noted the purpose of the call to be for Board discussion regarding the implementation, funding, and selection process of the peer review program and committee.

Board members confirmed receipt of information provided to Dr. Moldenhauer by the South Dakota Chiropractic Peer Review Committee. Dr. Moldenhauer advised members that Idaho’s costs would likely be higher than South Dakota's, as Idaho would be initiating implementation of the committee. South Dakota’s figures are based on information gleaned from ten years of experience.

Dr. Moldenhauer acknowledged receipt of financial information from the Bureau with regard to implementing the peer review committee. Ms. Westberg referred the Board to her previous letter outlining the peer review appropriations of $1500 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1999 and $5,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2000.

Dr. Boughton also recognized the annual monetary need for peer review could vary depending on the number of licensee reviews to be conducted. Ms. Westberg advised that future budget estimates would be adjusted based on prior years' expenses. Ms. Westberg recommended that the Board come up with a reasonable figure based on the expenditure experience of other states, since the Idaho Board has no track record on the subject.

Discussion was held with regard to having the Board request Dr. Carr, South Dakota Board, come to Idaho to provide peer review training. Ms. Averill advised that by averaging the annual South Dakota figures provided by Dr. Carr, and "adding a cushion,"

she arrived at a figure of approximately $30-31,000 total for a year. Dr. Boughton stated that initial costs will be mostly start-up, but as insurance companies, etc., get used to using the committee process, the costs will likely increase and expenses will then be more as intended for the review process.

Dr. Moldenhauer advised that the Board first acquire the books and training, and do so before June. He noted the Board will have to consider what the committee’s fee for review will be, what other expenses the committee will have, and whether changes can be implemented without having to go back to the Legislature.

Ms. Averill proposed that the Board discuss particulars and try to set the program in motion. She suggested initially to research hiring a secretary, decide on how and when to have Dr. Carr come to provide training to the Board/committee. She advised time is of the essence as July is not that far off, and the Board should use that as a timeframe by which to complete training. Dr. Boughton suggested each Board member research secretarial costs in their particular region of the state, even obtaining bids, and assessing costs, etc., of having Dr. Carr come here.

Ms. Westberg advised the Board to look first at the amount it will have for expenditures until July, and then consider holding training close to next year’s budget, due to Board expenses for reimbursement of committee members in addition to those of Dr. Carr. She further suggested getting an estimate, or if possible a bill, to include estimated expenses, from Dr. Carr which can be paid in advance from the current budget, then the actual training and committee member expenses would come from next fiscal year’s budget.

Ms. Westberg noted that committee members would receive reimbursement for travel, expenses and meals. Ms. Averill suggested aiming for early to mid-June.

Dr. Boughton moved that the Board give the power to Chair Moldenhauer to schedule a June seminar on peer review conducted by Dr. John Carr, with invitation to the Peer Review Committee members for training. Dr. Hollingsworth seconded, and it carried.

Ms. Averill moved that the Board investigate secretarial costs in the areas of Idaho (Pocatello, Boise, etc.) and research related costs of a dedicated telephone line, fax line and equipment, so by the June meeting there will be a good idea as to what costs will be to move forward and to get program up and running. Seconded by Dr. Boughton, and carried.

Dr. Boughton asked Ms. Westberg whether there would be a problem if initially, while setting up the Committee, cases could be sent to the Bureau and mailed to the committee's secretarial service. Ms. Westberg stated that would not be a problem, however, the Bureau does not have the ability to provide staff to attend meetings and to perform the Committee’s work and the Committee will have to hire someone outside of the Bureau. Dr. Hollingsworth stated he believes all materials should be submitted to the Board and forwarded to the appropriate Committee secretarial service, as that would alleviate problems associated with changes of location so the public knows a constant contact. Ms. Averill asked whether the Bureau is prepared to accept phone calls and inquiries, and Ms. Westberg stated those inquiries and calls would have to go to the Committee secretarial service.

Mr. Hales noted that the peer review process could be initiated by the necessary paperwork being submitted by anyone wanting to use the process. He outlined that the initial inquiry could come to the Bureau, which could then provide forms and information to the designated secretary for pursuit. Ms. Westberg stated that as calls and work increase, the Board should by then have sufficient funds to set up a designated office.

Dr. Boughton stated that Idaho is likely to have a similar experience to South Dakota, and by addressing the basic decisions, the Board will have time to research the issues of locating a permanent site, services, acceptable employees, forms, etc. He recommended having the Bureau handle calls, etc., for a short-term, as he does not anticipate being suddenly inundated with reviews.

Dr. Boughton believed the Committee should be provided manuals, books, etc., for review prior to Dr. Carr’s training session. Dr. Moldenhauer advised the books cannot be copied and he believed them to be fairly expensive (later advised $800-1400). Dr. Boughton stated it would, therefore, make sense to hold the training in July. Ms. Westberg advised that Dr. Carr’s honorarium and/or cost of books be paid in June, and the actual July training be paid from next fiscal year’s budget.

It was confirmed that Dr. Moldenhauer, pursuant to Dr. Boughton’s earlier motion, would contact Dr. Carr and Committee members. Chair Moldenhauer, upon setting the June date, will obtain a bill from Dr. Carr for the books and his honorarium and any associated costs. West also stated the need for timely notice to Committee members to allow planning for travel, etc.

Dr. West asked the status of proposed legislation, Senate Bill No. 1068, regarding the requirement of a four-year degree. Ms. Westberg stated she had just received an amendment to §54-709, Idaho Code, which clarified the bills intent. Dr. West asked whether legislative support was anticipated. Dr. Moldenhauer said the Senators are being bombarded with opposition, due to increased costs of longer education.

Dr. Hollingsworth and Dr. West left the call at approximately 1:15p.m..

Chair Moldenhauer advised he has contacted five potential applicants for the peer review committee. He said he would contact them again to determine their continued interest.

Ms. Westberg asked Chair Moldenhauer to produce a letter of appointment for use as candidates’ accepted appointment, to which he agreed. Mr. Hales stated he believes the Board is supposed to appoint the Committee members, so the Board would need to move to accomplish that. Dr. Boughton asserted that should be done at such time as the five individuals have been decided, and who have in turn advised they are willing to perform Committee member duties. Ms. Averill asked that the appointment of the Committee members be put on the agenda for the next Board meeting, March 26, 1999, beginning at 9:00a.m. It was determined that there would likely be a conflict with this date due to Spring break, and that March 19th would be an alternate date.

Mr. Hetrick asked whether the Board has a formal policy regarding review by candidates of their failed examinations. Both Chair Moldenhauer and Dr. Boughton affirmed candidates cannot review their specific actual examination. Subsequent to Board discussion, Dr. Boughton moved that applicants with questions regarding their examinations, be allowed, by written request, to review only at those questions they missed and the answers they gave, in an effort to help them prepare for re-examination.

Seconded by Ms. Averill and carried.

After further discussion, Dr. Boughton moved to amend this previous motion with clarification that the individual be allowed only the time originally allowed for the applicable examination section, and that the review be "for their eyes only unless they have their attorney present," and that they take no notes, no copying and request no correct answers. Ms. Averill seconded and it carried.

Mr. Hetrick sought clarification that the same procedure be followed for review as in original examination administration, and Drs. Moldenhauer and Boughton confirmed it. 

There being no further business to come before the Board at this time, Dr. Boughton moved to adjourn. Motion seconded by Ms. Averill and carried.

Board approved 4-22-99

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