DATE:                June 29, 2005 

                TO:                     Idaho State Board of Chiropractic Physicians 

                FROM:                Bureau of Occupational Licenses 

                SUBJECT:          Complaint Investigation Report 


FY 2005: To date, six (6) complaints have been received. Of those, five (5) are under investigation, and one (1) awaits Board determination.

FY 2004: Twenty-two (22) complaints were received. Of those, nine (9) have been closed; five (5) were referred for administrative action; seven (7) remain under investigation or pro-review; and one awaits Board determination.   


CHI-P6B-2-2004-17                C alleged R was not using proper billing codes; R refused to respond to C's requests to verify billings. R also failed to provide requested records to IBOL, though INV was able to obtain them elsewhere. INV reviewed past peer reviews & determined that billing codes were appropriate. No evidence was revealed to support the allegations or a violation. IBOL recommends closure with an advisory that records requested as part of an investigation must be provided.

CHI-P3C-1-2005-13                C alleged that R made inappropriate comments; inappropriate touching; and caused severe pain from an adjustment. C later went to ER with back pain. C continued to have therapy and requested MRI & CAT scan. C's medical history includes hypertension, "severe" PTSD, Dementia, bipolar effective disorder, & "severe' depression with supporting medications. The M.D. could not confirm that an injury was caused by R. INV revealed that R denied the allegations and was very cooperative. INV did not reveal evidence to support the allegations or a violation of laws or rules. IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.

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Last Modified - March 08, 2009