DATE:                 June 20, 2003 

                TO:                     Idaho State Board of Chiropractic Physicians 

                FROM:                Bureau of Occupational Licenses 

                SUBJECT:          Complaint Investigation Report 


Fiscal Year 2003. Eight (8) complaints have been received to date, seven (7) of which are under investigation.  

Fiscal Year 2002.  Fifteen (15) complaints were received. Of those, six (6) remain under investigation or legal review.

Fiscal Year 2001. Thirteen (13) complaints were received of those; two (2) are under investigation or legal review. 

Cases closed since the last meeting:

CHI-L2-2-2003-3           opened 12/10/2002        Complainant alleges misrepresentation. Respondent was advertising as being board certified in numerous sciences. Investigation revealed respondent used the same advertising for both chiropractic & acupuncture practices. A legal review concluded that the acupuncture board does certify practitioners. Respondent stated that advertising for the 2 disciplines would be separated and that all future advertising will be correct. An advisory letter was sent and the case was closed 02-13-2003.

CHI-P2A-4-2002-9         opened 12/20/2001        Complainant alleges respondent did not provide billing for services; and was possibly committing insurance billing fraud. Investigation revealed that respondent had supporting documents to counter the allegations made. Additional documentation confirmed the complainant's acknowledgement of responsibility for charges not covered by insurance. Evidence did not support the allegations or any violations.  Letters were sent to all parties and case was closed 04/28/2003.

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