DATE:                 March 5, 2003 

                TO:                     Idaho State Board of Chiropractic Physicians 

                FROM:                Bureau of Occupational Licenses 

                SUBJECT:          Complaint Investigation Report 


Fiscal Year 2003. Seven (7) complaints have been received to date, all of which are under investigation.  

Fiscal Year 2002.  Fifteen (15) complaints were received. Of those, seven (7) remain under investigation or legal review.

Fiscal Year 2001. Thirteen (13) complaints were received of those; two (2) are under investigation or legal review.  

Fiscal Year 2000. Fifteen (15) complaints were received. Of those, one  (1) remains open under investigation or legal review.     

Complaints closed since last meeting:

CHI-P1-2-2002-14            opened 05/24/2002              Complainant alleged respondent performed chiropractic services without benefit of an Idaho license. Respondent is a licensed chiropractor in Oregon. City prosecutor filed criminal charges against respondent & formal complaint was issued. Criminal court found respondent guilty of Battery and practicing without benefit of an acupuncture license. Was fined $190.00 + 10 days in jail (suspended) + 12 months probation + 16 hours community service. A complaint of practicing without a chiropractic license was dismissed. Closed 12/03/2002 without action.                        

CHI-L2B-2-2002-16       opened 06/08/2002              Alleged deception in representing services/cost of x-rays. During the course of investigation, the complainant prepared a written statement asking that the complaint be withdrawn. Closed 01/10/2003 without action.

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