Mission Statement

To help safeguard life, health and property and to promote the public welfare through the licensure and regulation of those who provide real estate appraisals in Idaho.

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UPDATED 5/19/2017 - Legislation was passed in 2016 to regulate AMCs.  AMCs are required to be registered in Idaho by July 1, 2017.  Application forms are now available on the "Forms" link to the left.

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UPDATE:  On May 19, 2017, Executive Order 2017-06 – “Idaho Licensing Freedom Act” was signed, and comments are being accepted from interested persons in response to that Executive Order. Please click here for more information or to comment. 

"Appraisal" or "real estate appraisal" means an analysis, opinion or conclusion relating to the value, nature, quality, or utility of specified interests in, or aspects of, identified real estate.

"Real estate appraiser" or "appraiser" means a person who for a fee or other valuable consideration or the expectation thereof, develops and communicates real estate appraisals or otherwise gives an opinion of the value of real estate or any interest therein.

"State certified general real estate appraiser" means a person who is certified to appraise all types of real property.

"State certified residential real estate appraiser" means a person who holds a current, valid certificate as a state certified residential appraiser issued under the provisions of this chapter whose practice is limited to appraisal of residential properties of four (4) or less units without regard to transaction value or complexity.

"State licensed residential real estate appraiser" means a person who is licensed to appraise residential real property consisting of one (1) to four (4) noncomplex residential units having a transaction value less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) and complex one (1) to four (4) residential units having a transaction value less than two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000).

Real estate appraisers are regulated in Idaho and are required to be licensed.

Please contact the Board if you have questions via phone at (208) 334-3233 or via E-mail at