Mission Statement

To safeguard the public health, safety and welfare through the licensure and regulation of barbers and barber shops in Idaho.

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The Bureau has been made aware of scam artists who may target licensees. If you get a call, e-mail, text or other communication from an individual claiming to represent the Bureau of Occupational Licenses or the Board, here is some information to help you identify whether it is a scam:

The Boards and the Bureau WILL NOT:

• Ask for personal information that does not relate to your license renewal (such as your credit card number or bank account number)
• Demand immediate payment on fines that are not yet due
• Ask for or accept prepaid cards such as Green Dot MoneyPak
• Offer to alter a disciplinary order that has already been entered by the Board
• Ask for or take payments over the phone

The Boards and the Bureau WILL:

• Send renewal notices in the mail
• Take payments on the official website at
• Send inspectors who have a State of Idaho photo ID to establishments

If you ever question whether a communication you received is from the Board or the Bureau, do not provide personal information or payment.  Instead, call the Bureau at (208) 334-3233 for assistance.

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The practice of “barbering” is defined as shaving or trimming the beard or cutting, trimming, arranging, dressing, curling, cleansing, singeing, or similar work upon the hair; fitting, cutting or dressing hairpieces or toupees; giving facial and scalp massage or treatments with oils, creams, lotions or other preparations, either by hand or mechanical appliances; applying cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, powders, oils, clays or lotions to scalp, face, neck or upper part of the body. The practice of “barber-styling” includes all of the above plus waving by any method, straightening, bleaching, coloring, or similar work upon the hair.

Both the practice of barbering and barber establishments are regulated in Idaho. It is unlawful to practice, or attempt to practice barbering or barber-styling without a license issued by the board of barber examiners. It is also unlawful to own or operate any barbershop unless a barbershop license is first obtained from the board.

Please contact the Board via email at or via phone at (208) 334-3233 if you have any questions.