Continuing education is required for renewal at all levels of social work licensure in Idaho. The board may, upon application, waive the requirements of this rule in cases involving illness or unusual circumstances interfering with the licensee’s ability to practice or inability to conform to the rules.

The completion of a minimum of twenty (20) continuing education (CE) hours, including a minimum of (1) one hour of training in professional ethics, is required annually to renew each licensure level.

Licensees shall not be required to comply with this requirement during the first year in which they become licensed under the social work act.

Courses that are part of the curriculum of a university, college or other educational institution shall be allotted CE credit at the rate of fifteen (15) CE hours for each semester hour or ten (10) CE hours for each quarter hour of school credit awarded.

No more than ten (10) continuing education hours may be obtained from category II below.

Categories of Continuing Education

     a. Category I.   Category I includes formally organized learning events, ideally involving face-to-face interaction with a teacher for the purpose of accomplishing specific learning objectives. Courses, workshops, conferences, practice oriented seminars, staff development and training activities coordinated and/or taught by approved and recognized educators also are included in this category. Because of our geographic location and sparse population, closed circuit T.V., video and audio tapes, internet based courses, and correspondence courses may be substituted for face-to-face contact if the course is interactive or requires an examination. 

     b. Category II.   Category II consists of a variety of self-directed professional study activities and growth experiences. Examples include making an initial presentation on professional issues or programs, teaching a course for the first time, presenting a lecture or conducting a workshop for the first time, editing or writing professional books or articles, and conducting professional research. 

     c. The subject matter of all approved continuing education shall be germane to the practice of social work as defined in Section 54-3202, Idaho Code, and may include the specialties of Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing, or Psychology.


Licensees will maintain documentation verifying CE attendance and curriculum for a period of four (4) years. This documentation will be subject to audit by the board.  


The Board conducts annual audits to insure compliance with the continuing education requirements.  Audits may be initiated anytime after you renew your license.  By signing your renewal application, and answering "Yes" to the question that you have met the continuing education requirements, you are certifying to the Board that you have already obtained proof of having completed the required continuing education. 

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET MET THE CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT, DO NOT SUBMIT A RENEWAL APPLICATION INDICATING THAT YOU HAVE.  Submitting a fraudulent application for licensure is grounds for discipline against your right to practice.

If you are audited, you must submit a listing of all continuing education courses completed during the previous year AND proof of attendance documentation for each course. 

Failure to submit the required documentation may result in Board action against your right to licensure. 

You should review the the Board rules regarding continuing education before signing up for any continuing education offerings. 

If you have questions about the CE requirements, you may e-mail the Bureau office at

NOTE to CE providers: The Board does not pre-approve courses for credit.