Please note that most questions can be answered by reviewing other sections of the Board's website.  Board proposed changes to the Laws & Rules may be reviewed under the Proposed Laws & Rules link.  You may also e-mail the Board with any additional questions.

1. Where can I get an application to obtain a license in Idaho?

Go to the Applications and Forms link on the Board’s Homepage. You’ll also find instructions on each application.

2. Is an examination required to get a license?

Yes, for an SLP or AUD license, passage of the PRAXIS examination is required. SLP Aide and Assistant applicants must receive a passing score on the Idaho Rule and Law exam that is included as part of the application. For Hearing Aid Dealer and Fitters, passage of the ILE (written) and IHIS Practical, as well as Idaho Rule and Law exam are required. For a SIGN license, you must pass a written and a performance exam, as outlined in Rule260.

3. Is a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from ASHA required to become licensed as an SLP or AUD?

No. However the applicant must have passed the PRAXIS, have documentation of at least a Master’s degree including a completed clinical practicum, as well as proof of post-graduate supervised experience as approved by the Board. Proof of ASHA certification, received directly from ASHA, can provide proof of these requirements.

4. Is the PRAXIS the same as the National Examination I took in Speech Language Pathology/Audiology years ago?

Yes, just a new name.

5. Is Continuing Education required to renew my license and if so how much?

Yes, after your first renewal you will be required to obtain 10 hours per year: one contact hour equals one clock hour. Please review Rule 400 for more details. The continuing education rules are changing as of Jan 1, 2021. For SLP, AUD, and HA license holders, 30 hours of CE is required in the past 36 months preceding the date of renewal.  SIGN license holders are required to have 10 hours of continuing education in the 12 months preceding renewal. All continuing education requirements must be completed prior to renewing any license.

6. When does my license renew?

Your license expires on your birthdate each year. License expiration date remains on the licensee’s birthdate, regardless of the date of license renewal.  So, if the license is reinstated part-way through the year, the license will again need to be renewed within 6 weeks of birthdate/expiration date and new continuing education documentation will need to be obtained.

7. Is there endorsement (reciprocity) with other states?

Idaho does not have reciprocity with any states. Licensure by endorsement is available if all requirements outlined in Rule 310 have been met.

8. Is it okay to send copies of transcripts and licenses I currently have?

Any supporting documentation must come from the issuing source: official transcripts from the college or university attended, examination scores from the Testing facility and licenses from the state that issued the license. If another state’s license information is online and verifies it is a Primary Source Verification (PSV) site, you may print the license information from their website and highlight the PSV statement. For SIGN license applicants who are RID-certified, they may include a copy of their RID card as verification of their exam and certification.

9. Do I have to list and request license certification from every state in which I have been licensed, even if a license has expired?

Yes. All state licenses must be reported and certification submitted with the application for review.

10. What is required to change a supervisor for a provisional permit?

If a permit holder needs to change their supervisor, they should complete a full permit application form and write “Change of Supervisor” on the form. A new plan of supervision must be included; however, no additional fees are required.

11. How can I change my name or address on my license?

Go to the Name & Address Changes Link on the Board’s Homepage. You will complete the change affadavit and submit any required documentation for the update.