The current continuing education, pre-licensure, and supervision requirements are below: (note that any reference to USPAP means the National USPAP Course provided by Appraisal Qualifications Board Certified USPAP Instructors and Educational Providers).

For current CE requirements, please see CONTINUING EDUCATION RULE 401

For pre-licensure education requirements, see Rule 275.1.d

For supervision requirements, see Rule 275.1.b

Below is a list of courses and/or instructors approved by the Board for CE, pre-licensure and supervision. Scroll to the right to the "relevancy" column to see what type of approval the course has. This list is not an exhaustive list. CE, supervision, and pre-licensure education is also accepted by the Board if it is approved by any state with reciprocity with Idaho. If you are planning to take a course and do not see it listed, you might approach the presenter and ask if he has sought or is willing to pursue pre-approval. Pre-approval eliminates any question of the course being acceptable for your pre-licensure, supervision, or continuing education requirement.

Board Approved Providers & Courses

Provider Information

Providers wishing to have courses and/or instructors approved by the Board must submit FOR EACH COURSE a detailed Continuing Education Provider Application AND the requested documentation AND identify whether your course offering is for pre-licensure education, continuing education, or both.

You may e-mail any questions concerning the continuing education requirements to the Board.

                                                                                 CONTINUING EDUCATION AUDITS

The Board conducts regular continuing education audits.  The audit selection is completely random. Each time a license is renewed, it is eligible to be selected for an audit.  It is possible to be audited more than once within the same calendar year depending on your renewal dates.

The audit period is 24 months prior to the date the license was renewed. You are asked on the renewal form if you have completed a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education during the previous 24 months, including a 7 hour USPAP Update course within the previous 24 months. This is a sworn affidavit.  If you mark YES and sign the renewal, you are telling the Board that you have completed the required CE during the previous 24 months. If you mark NO, a letter is sent informing you that CE is required and your license cannot be renewed until you obtain the required hours of CE. If you wait until after your license expiration date, you must also submit proof of CE attendance with your renewal application.

Upon renewal you may be asked to submit completion certificates for 30 hours of continuing education obtained during the previous 24 months (see Board rule 401). If you submit your renewal application prior to your expiration date, your CE Audit period will be prior to your expiration date. For example, if you submit your renewal application on 7/15/20014, and your expiration date is 7/30/20014, your audit period will be between 7/15/2012 through 7/15/2014. Upon renewal you may also be asked to submit a completion certificate for a 7 hour USPAP Update course obtained during the previous twenty four months (see Board rule 401.02.d).

When you receive an audit notice, you have 30 days to complete the CE chart and submit it with copies of official certificates of completion. NOTE. The notice must be completed, signed, and dated. Disciplinary action will be taken against licensees who fail to comply with the CE requirement.

If you have questions about the CE requirements, you may e-mail the Bureau office.