Frequently Asked Questions

Use of Psychologist Title

The State Board of Psychology reviewed a request for clarification related to psychologist advertising and marketing, e.g., use of titles and citation of credentials.  At its January 2013 meeting the Board clarified this issue.  In Idaho a person is licensed as a “licensed psychologist,” not as a “licensed clinical psychologist” or a “licensed clinical neuropsychologist.”  As a result, an Idaho psychologist may present themselves in several ways that are consistent with the psychologist licensing law. The primary consideration should always be presenting an accurate representation of one’s professional background and, competencies, which would clearly “do not harm due to misleading consumers, or misrepresenting ones credentials, certifications or competencies.”  A psychologist may list their specialty rather than, or in addition to, their licensing status.  Board Certifications, so long they are recognized as accurately reflecting competency based specialties, could also be listed.  Diploma mills for board certification for any licensed professional in Idaho could be viewed as misrepresenting competencies, and subject the individual to possible sanctions by their licensing board. The current APA Ethics Code clearly requires this standard of practice, of which we are all aware.  Illustrations (not exhaustive) of how a psychologist may represent themselves to the public are listed below:


Joan Blonde, Ph.D.                              

Licensed Psychologist

Clinical Psychology


Jon Grey, Ed.D.

Doctorate in Counseling Psychology


Dr. Joan Holley

Clinical Psychologist

National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology


Jon White, Psy.D.

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology


Joan Purple, Ph.D., ABPP

Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology

American Board of Professional Psychology

Q. What happens to an application once it reaches the Board office?

A. All mail is opened in a central location and distributed to the appropriate staff person. The assigned Technical Records Specialist reviews the application file and sends a status letter to the applicant.

Q. Is there a deadline for applications?

A. Per Rule 100.07. Deadline.  To be considered by the Board, a properly completed application together with al supporting documentation and required fees must be received by the Bureau at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Board.

Q. How often does the Idaho Board of Psychologist Examiners meet?

A. Board Meetings are held annually in July and at other times as necessary. Normally they meet about every other month.

Q. When may I expect a response regarding my application?

A. Within 2-4 weeks after the Board meeting, you will receive written communication regarding the Boards review. If a license has been approved, you may verify this on our website at  and click "Select License and Registration Search" (for best results enter only your last name and the first few letters of your first name). Information relative to Board decisions concerning applications will NOT be provided by telephone or email.

Q. Does the Idaho Board of Psychologist Examiners have reciprocity with other states?

A. Idaho has an endorsement rule. For more information on the requirements, please review Board Rule 250.

Q. Will the Board issue a temporary license?

A. Temporary Licenses (Rule 300). Persons not licensed in this state who desire to practice psychology under the provisions of this chapter for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days within a calendar year may do so if they hold an interjurisdictional practice certificate (IPC) from the association of state and provincial psychology boards (ASPPB). As such, in order to practice temporarily under the IPC psychologists would be required to notify the Board of their intent to practice and provide documentation of their status. It is the IPC holders responsibility to contact the ASPPB to send verification of the IPC status, including verification of no discipline.

Q. What must I do to renew my license?

A. You may submit a complete renewal application by mail or submit a renewal application online by clicking the **ONLINE RENEWAL APPLICATION** link. The responsibility of license renewal remains with the license holder. Licensees are also responsible for keeping an accurate record of their own personal continuing education hours for a period of five (5) years. (see Board Rule 401 for specific continuing education requirements).

Q. How many hours of continuing education are required to renew my license?

A. Every person holding an Idaho Psychologist license must annually complete twenty (20) contact hours of continuing education that meet the guidelines in Board Rule 402.

 Q. Do I need to have an ethics course each time I renew my license?

A. Per Rule 402.01.  A minimum of four (4) hours credit in ethics, standards of care, and/or review of laws pertaining to the practice of psychology is required every three (3) years.  Areas covered may include practice, consultation, research, teaching, and/or supervision.  These units may be used as part of the continuing education credit required. 

Q. Do I submit my continuing education hours to the Board office?

A. Only those licensees randomly selected for continuing education audit or renewing late must submit proof of their continuing education credits along with their audit or renewal application.

Q. Should I regularly review the laws and rules even if I've practiced as a Psychologist for years?

A. Yes. As a professional, you should regularly review the governing laws and rules for your profession. It is important to be aware that the laws and rules can change, which may impact the way you are allowed to practice. Both the laws and rules are available on the Board website.

Q. I am moving to another state and I need my certification of license sent to another state board. What is the process?

A. You must submit a request in writing for certification of licensure, together with $10.00 (money order, cashier's check, certified check, or personal check). The processing time is 5-10 working days. The Bureau does not accept credit cards over the phone.

Q. What is the Job market in Idaho?

A. The Board office does not maintain state job information. Please contact the Idaho Department of Commerce or the Idaho Department of Labor