Frequently Asked Questions

Q:         Where can I find a podiatrist’s scope of practice?

A:         Is defined under Idaho Code 54-602. You can access the statute from the Board’s website under state licensure law or by clicking here.  Additional information may also be found under Rules 450.01 and 450.02.


Q.     What are the requirements for continuing education?

A.      Each podiatrist licensed by the state of Idaho shall attend in each twelve (12) month period preceding the renewal of a license to practice podiatry in Idaho, a minimum of twelve (12) full hours of post-graduate podiatry education courses. Additional information can be found under Rule 700 or by clicking here.

Many people have been confused about the time frame for the continuing education hours.  You must have 12 hours during the year prior to your renewal.  Your audit period is from the date you sign the form back to the same date one year before.  It is not your birthday.  If your birthday is March 15th, but you choose to renew your license on March 1, then your renewal period is March 1 to March 1. 

Your birthday is your license expiration date, and you must renew by that date to avoid the expiration of your license and to prevent incurring the reinstatement fee.

Do not renew your license and certify that you have completed the continuing education requirements unless you have done so.  When you renew you are swearing to the accuracy of the information on your application.  It is false to say that you have completed the requirements until having done so.  Being registered for an activity is not the same as completing it.  Licensees will be periodically, randomly audited and if found to be in non-compliance, the matter will be forwarded to the investigative unit.

Q.         Do I submit my continuing education hours to the Board office? 

A.        Only those licensees randomly selected for continuing education audit or renewing late must submit proof of their continuing education credits along with their audit or renewal application.


 Q.       Where can I find the application I need to submit for licensure?

A.         Applications may be found on the this site under the link entitled Forms


Q.      Does Idaho have temporary licenses? 

A.       No. Licensure as a podiatrist is available through either endorsement or examination. 


Q.         How can I renew my license?

A.         Six weeks prior to your renewal date, this office will send a notice in the mail. You can submit the completed renewal application along with a check or money order for the appropriate fee.


Within six (6) weeks prior to the expiration date, you can renew your license on line with a credit card by clicking on the link entitled On-line Renewal Application.  


Q.         My license has lapsed, what must I do to re-activate it?

A.           A license that has lapsed for a period of less than five years may be reinstated upon submission of a renewal application, payment of the renewal and re-instatement fees, and showing proof of having completed the required continuing education.

 If a license has been lapsed for a period of more than five years; a new application for licensure is required. Please contact the Bureau.


Q.      How can I obtain a list of licensed podiatrists? Is there a fee? 

A.       You may obtain a licensure list from this site by clicking on the link entitled License and Registration Search. At the bottom of the search screen you will click on “Advanced Search.” Once you have entered the appropriate licensing information hit the “Start Search” option. To view additional contact information including mailing addresses, click on the “Send to Excel” option. There is no fee.


Q.         I am applying for licensure in another state and it requires verification of my Idaho license. What do I need to do? How long will it take to process my request?

A1.         You may submit a Request for License Certification form or send a written request to The Bureau of Occupational Licenses PO Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720-0063.  Include a payment of $10 (money order, cashier’s check, certified check, or personal check) as well as the address the verification of your license needs to be sent to.

A2.       The processing time is 3-5 business days. The Bureau cannot accept payments over the phone.