Continuing Education


The annual completion of 16 hours of continuing education (CE) is required to maintain a license to practice physical therapy in Idaho.  The guidelines for acceptable CE credits can be found in the rules governing Physical Therapy. 


The Board conducts annual audits to ensure compliance with the continuing education requirements.  Audits may be initiated anytime after you renew your license.  By signing your renewal application, and answering "Yes" to the question that you have met the continuing education requirements, you are certifying to the Board that you have already obtained proof of having completed the required continuing education. 

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET MET THE CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT, DO NOT SUBMIT A RENEWAL APPLICATION INDICATING THAT YOU HAVE.  Submitting a fraudulent application for licensure is grounds for discipline against your right to practice.

If you are audited, you must submit a listing of all continuing education courses completed during the previous year AND proof of attendance documentation for each course.  Continuing education hours accumulated during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the license expiration date may be applied toward meeting the continuing education requirement for the next license renewal. Hours in excess of the required hours may be carried forward. Excess hours may be used only during the next renewal period and may not be carried forward more than one (1) time.  If you are audited and you carried forward hours, you must submit complete documentation for both the audit period and for the previous year. Failure to submit the required documentation may result in Board action against you. 

If you have questions, you may e-mail the Bureau office. 

PLEASE NOTE: CE courses, seminars, and/or other activities that meet the requirements as stated in Rule 250 and are germane to the practice of physical therapy do not require pre-approval. Please click here to review.  

The Board is now accepting the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy's ProCert certification for CE credit.  For more information, click HERE.  

For all other offerings, you may request Board approval by submitting a completed Continued Education Approval Form.

 *Applications are reviewed during regularly scheduled meetings. To view Board meeting dates please visit the Calendar of Events page.

For verification of Board approved courses/seminars click on the link below.


Please note: The Board's Rule 250.01, 06.a.ii, and .07, requires continuing education courses for physical therapists and physical therapist assistant to be "integrally related and germane to the practice of the profession," and "relevant to physical therapy."

Using this standard, the Board's approval of a course for continuing education credit does not necessarily mean the entire subject matter of the course is within the scope of practice of a PT or a PTA. PTs and PTAs treat patients in conjunction with a variety of other health care professionals. Such a collaborative effort can require a PT or a PTA to have familiarity with and understanding of the treatments provided by other professionals even though the treatments are not within the scope of practice of physical therapy. For this reason, the Board approves some courses for continuing education even where the subject matter of the course is outside the scope of physical therapy practice in Idaho.