License Renewal

Applications to renew your license must be made before your expiration date each year in order for your license to remain valid.

License renewal applications are mailed approximately six (6) weeks before the license expiration date. This renewal notice is sent to your mailing address on record. If you do not receive a renewal notice, you may contact the Bureau to confirm your address and have a duplicate notice sent to you.  

When submitting your renewal application to the Bureau office, you must include responses to all questions, your signature, and payment of the appropriate fee(s) before the expiration of your license. 

Please note: If you fail to renew your license before its expiration date a reinstatement fee will be required by Idaho Code 67-2614 and cannot be waived. In addition, you may be required to submit continuing education or other required documentation prior to the reinstatement of your license. If you are on active duty in the United States Armed Forces, your license will remain active without renewing it for six (6) months following your discharge from active duty.  Please contact the Bureau (208) 334-3233 or to provide the materials to document your active military status before your renewal date.   

The most efficient way to submit your renewal application and payment of fees is through the ONLINE renewal system. There are no additional fees for this service.

Continuing Education

Twenty (20) hours of annual continuing education is required to maintain a license to practice as a Nursing Home Administrator in Idaho. 

CE providers may obtain Board approval by submitting a completed Continued Education Approval Form

For verification of Board approved courses/seminars click on the link below.



The Board conducts annual audits to insure compliance with the continuing education requirements.  Audits may be initiated anytime after you renew your license.  By signing your renewal application, and answering "Yes" to the question that you have met the continuing education requirements, you are certifying to the Board that you have already obtained proof of having completed the required continuing education. 

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET MET THE CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT, DO NOT SUBMIT A RENEWAL APPLICATION INDICATING THAT YOU HAVE.  Submitting a fraudulent application for licensure is grounds for discipline against your license

If you are audited, you must submit a listing of all continuing education courses completed during the previous year AND proof of attendance documentation for each course. 

Failure to submit the required documentation may result in the Board taking disciplinary action against your license. 

You should review the the Board rules regarding continuing education before signing up for any continuing education offerings.

If you have questions about the CE requirements, you may e-mail the Bureau office at


Click here to find Appropriate Renewal fees.