Additional Information of Interest

The following list includes web page links or other information regarding professional, educational, and governmental entities that may be of interest.

  Funeral Consumers Alliance
33 Patchen Road
South Burlington, Vermont, 05403
Phone: 800-765-0107

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Idaho (Southern Idaho)
PO Box 1919
Boise ID 83701-1919
Phone: 208 426-0032

The Spokane Memorial Association (Northern Idaho)
PO Box 13613
Spokane, WA 99213
Phone: 509 924-8400

National Funeral Directors Association
13625 Bishop's Drive
Brookfield, WI 53005
Toll-free: 800-228-6332
Phone: 262-789-1880
Fax: 262-789-6977

Idaho Funeral Service Association
Kenneth Mallea, Executive Secretary
78 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 1
P.O. BOX 820
Meridian, ID  83680-0820
Phone: (208) 888-2730
Fax: (208) (208) 888-2789

The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards, Inc.
Dalene Randall, Executive Director
1885 Shelby Lane
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72740
Phone: (479) 442-7076
Fax: (479) 442-7090

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The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Division of Public Health is touching base with all state level partners who may have a role in the event that a person were to be diagnosed with Ebola virus disease in Idaho. At this time, there are no Ebola patients in Idaho. Screening is occurring for all travelers leaving the four West African countries currently affected by the disease and is also being conducted prior to entry in the U.S. at the 5 designated international airports.  All individuals for whom Idaho is their final destination are being monitored for 21 days by local public health staff.  It is not a certainty that if there were to be a confirmed case in Idaho that long term treatment would occur in the state. Consequently, it is even less likely that a person would die of this disease in Idaho. 


Nevertheless, in the interest of preparedness, the Department's objective at this time is to ensure that all coroners and mortuary services providers have the necessary guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as Ebola virus disease is spread by contact with blood and bodily fluids. This guidance is found at questions and more information regarding Ebola in Idaho, contact Lindsey Walters, Healthcare Preparedness Program Coordinator, Public Health Preparedness Program, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare at or 208.334.5877.