Continuing Education Requirements

Please see RULE 300 for the full CE requirements.

 A licensed midwife must successfully complete a minimum of ten (10) continuing education hours per year. Two (2) of these hours must be in peer review participation. The subject material of the continuing education must be germane to the practice of midwifery and either acceptable to NARM as counting towards recertification of a licensed midwife as a CPM or otherwise approved by the Board.

Hardship Waiver. The Board may waive a licensed midwives annual continuing education requirement for reasons of individual hardship, including health or other good cause. The licensed midwife must request the waiver and provide the Board with any information requested to assist the Board in substantiating the claimed hardship. This waiver is granted at the sole discretion of the Board.

One source of CE in the state of Idaho is:  

Idaho MidIdaho Midwifery Council: