Training & Application Process

Idaho law requires all private driver training business and driving instructor's to be licensed.

Licensed driving training businesses must submit:
 a criminal history background check
location of the business
a certificate of occupanacy
     * a certificate of automobile insurance
     * a list of certified instructors
     * proof of an annual vehicle check
     * board approved curriculum components
     * course of instruction for students

Licensed driving instructors must:
 be at least 21 years of age
     * have a valid driver's license
     * submit a copy of a satisfactory driving record from the Idaho Transportation Department
     * submit a criminal history background check
     * submit a medical certificate
     * submit copies of required completed coursework 
     * completed a board approved apprenticeship training program

On and after July 01, 2010, every new instructor applicant for a license shall have completed a board approved apprenticeship training program of not less than sixty (60) hours of classroom instruction and one hundred eight (108) hours of behind-the-wheel training.