Continuing Education

In order to protect the public health and safety and promote the public welfare, the Board has adopted the following rules for continuing education. Information regarding the requirements may be found by clicking here.


The Board conducts annual audits to ensure compliance with the continuing education requirements. Audits may be initiated anytime after you renew your license. By signing your renewal application, and answering "Yes" to the question that you have met the continuing education requirements, you are certifying to the Board that you have already obtained proof of having completed the required continuing education.

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET MET THE CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT, DO NOT SUBMIT A RENEWAL APPLICATION INDICATING THAT YOU HAVE. Submitting a fraudulent application for licensure is grounds for discipline against your right to practice.

If you are audited, you must submit a listing of all continuing education courses completed during the previous year AND proof of attendance documentation for each course. Failure to submit the required documentation may result in Board action against your right to licensure.

If you have questions about the continuing education requirements, you may e-mail the Board office.  

Please note, continuing education must be germane to driver education and provided by the following:

  *A nationally or regionally accredited college or university, 


  *A national or state driver education and traffic safety association such as the Idaho Association of Professional Driving Businesses, Driving School Association of the Americas, the American Driver Traffic Safety Education Association, and the American Automobile Association,


  *Transportation and law enforcement agencies, or


  *Other person or entity approved by the Board.  

CE providers and/or licensees may request Board approval by submitting a completed Continued Education Approval Form.

A listing of Board reviewed and approved courses may be viewed by clicking here: Approved CE Courses 

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