Considering implications for Idaho

The Idaho Licensing Board of Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family therapists, as a member of the American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB), is participating in the study of a process for portability of licenses. The purpose of this consideration is to facilitate the ability of professional counselors to move from state to state with more ease than is currently the case.

Why does Idaho need to consider portability?

The Idaho Licensing Board frequently finds its most challenging application reviews are those submitted by individuals relocating to from another state. Concurrently, counselors who attempt to relocate elsewhere face similar difficulties. We have received numerous requests to address this process.

What is the current process for moving into or out of Idaho?

Currently, applicants relocating to must apply for licensure along one of two pathways: traditional licensure; or by endorsement. Endorsement is only available to those individuals who have been licensed in another jurisdiction for at least five years. Because requirements vary from state to state an individual may have satisfactorily fulfilled all license requirements in another state and yet be denied licensure based on numerous specifics in each state’s laws. Additionally, individuals often face challenges in obtaining documentation of their hours, supervision, etc. due to the inability to locate past employers and supervisors.

What is the national process for portability?

At the national level, the American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB) has been developing options to address portability. The portability study group within AASCB has adopted the National Credential Registry as its process to address portability. “The AASCB National Credential Registry is established to facilitate professional mobility of licensed counselors.”

What is AASCB?

“AASCB is an association of bodies which are legally responsible for the registration, certification, or licensing of counselors within their jurisdictions in the United States of America. The organization is dedicated to the concept that individuals who have demonstrated competence to render counseling services are entitled to be licensed, certified or registered as counselors by its member boards.” Idaho’s Licensing Board is one of the member Boards in AASCB.

What is the Idaho Licensing Board doing?

The Idaho Licensing Board is engaging in a process to study if the adoption of the National Credential Registry would be beneficial to Idaho. We intend to conduct this study in an open and transparent manner considering feedback from the public, from professional counselors in Idaho, those attempting to relocate to Idaho, and other stakeholders.

What can I do?

We invite you to review the AASCB National Credential Registry Portability Policies and Procedures posted on the Idaho Licensing Board's website. Then please provide your comments by email: We have asked the associations representing professional counselors to discuss portability with their members and you can contact them to participate in that dialogue.

What are the options under consideration regarding portability?

The Idaho Licensing Board can choose to adopt the AASCB National Credential Registry model in part or in whole, or to opt out. If Idaho adopts part or all of the model it may require changes in our current laws and rules. If proposals are made to change laws or rules they will be posted on the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses website, with the opportunity for public input, and review by the Idaho Legislature.

This page will be periodically reviewed and updated as the process continues.