Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an Idaho State Examination that applicants must take prior to licensure?

A:  NO. The Board requires successful passage of the National Board Examinations.

Q:  I have been licensed for five (5) years or more and have not taken all parts of the National Board examinations.  Will I be required to go back and take these parts?

A:  All applicants are required to pass the National Board Examination Parts which were in effect at the time of graduation from chiropractic college,  Physiotherapy, and the SPEC Examination. 

Q: May I apply for a temporary permit while waiting to take and receive the results from the National Board Examinations?

A:  If you have graduated from Chiropractic College, you may apply for one temporary permit that will be valid for no longer than a 12 month period.  No work permit will be issued to an applicant who has previously failed an examination for licensure in this or any other state, territory, possession, or country more than once. You must take the next available examination, and have an approved State of Idaho licensed Chiropractic Physician supervise you.

Q:  What is the amount of continuing education required to maintain my Chiropractic license, and what courses are approved by the board?

A:  Idaho requires a minimum of 18 hours of continuing education annually.  Face-to-Face courses and a maximum of 6 hrs. of distance learning or home study courses that are relevant to the practice of Chiropractic, and sponsored by a CCE accredited college or university of Chiropractic, are automatically approved for continuing education credits.  The Board may also approved other relevant courses.

Q: Are on-line, or distant learning courses accepted for continuing education credits?

A:  Yes.  A maximum of 6 hrs. of distance learning or home study courses that are relevant to the practice of Chiropractic may be approved.

Q: What is the time-line to receive my license once my application is submitted?

A:  Once all requested documentation has been received, applications are reviewed for compliance with law and rule.  If compliance is confirmed, a license will be issued.

Q: I have let my license lapse, what must I do to activate that license?

A:  A license that has been lapsed less than five years may be reinstated upon submission of a renewal application together with the payment of all back renewal fees, a license re-instatement fee, and proof of completion of 18 hours of continuing education for the previous year.  If a license has been lapsed for more than five years, a new application for licensure is required. Please contact the Bureau.

Q: I am applying for licensure in another state and they require verification of my license in Idaho. What do I need to do?

A:  Send a written request to:  The Bureau of Occupational Licenses, 700 West State Street, PO Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720-0063 along with a $10.00 processing fee, and the address of the office that requires the verification. We will send the verification directly to that state.