All applicants for licensure by Endorsement  

(Barber, Barber-Stylist, and Instructor)

All applicants for endorsement must make application to the Bureau of Occupational Licenses.  No application will be considered complete until the following are received in the Bureau office.

Completed application form with a current passport photograph attached.

Copy of your current license and completed certification form.   You must send this form to the state in which you are currently licensed. 

Your certification of licensure must be received directly from the state(s) in which you are licensed. 

Copy of birth certificate, passport, or drivers license, and proof of completion of at least the tenth grade or equivalent – GED.

Detailed list of your work experience that includes employers’ names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of practice. 

Required Fees.

To qualify for endorsement, an applicant must (1) hold a license issued by another licensing authority, whose requirements for licensure are substantially the same as those specified in Idaho Code, or (2) hold a license issued by another licensing authority and document that said license has been current for at least the three years immediately preceding Idaho application. 

If the requirements set forth under item B. cannot be met, a license will not be issued under the endorsement provision. You may be required to obtain additional training and pass all or part of the written and practical examination (Additional Information).

Upon review of your application for endorsement, if all requirements have been met and a passing grade has been obtained on the required exam, a license will be issued within ten days. All applicants are required to pass the Idaho Jurisprudence (law) exam prior to licensure.

Incomplete applications will cause a delay in processing and licensure.

NOTICE:  Returned checks are subject to a collection fee.  Applications submitted with dishonored checks will be immediately cancelled.