You may download Applications and Forms for this Board from the links provided below or they may be obtained by contacting the Division.

Please note these may be filled in on the screen when accessed, but must be printed, notarized, and mailed or hand-delivered to the office with payment. The forms cannot be submitted electronically or faxed.

If you are a member of the armed forces, an honorably discharged veteran or the spouse of an active member or veteran of the military, you are entitled to certain benefits because of your service. Those benefits may include expedited processing of your application and credit for military training that is relevant to the occupational license/registration for which you are applying. For a full explanation of eligibility and a comprehensive description of benefits available, see Idaho Code 67-9401-9407. Additionally, active members of the military may be eligible for a waiver of renewal fees and other renewal requirements, see Idaho Code 67-2602A.

If you have questions, please contact the Division at (208) 334-3233 or

If you are submitting an APPLICATION FOR AN EVENT SANCTIONING PERMIT you must be aware of the deadline as described in Rule 301.02 that states a complete application for a sanctioning permit together with application fees, initial event tax, applicable bond amount, proof of insurance, and information regarding the combatants named in the main and semimain contest must be received by the commission no less than thirty (30) days prior to the date requested for the event named in the application. This will be strictly enforced.

*NOTICE Regarding the Required Bloodwork for ALL Amateur and Professional Combatants:

Rule 103.04 states:

The Commission will not issue a license to an athlete, or allow an athlete to compete in an event, if the athlete, within the six (6) months immediately preceding the application for licensure or the event at which the licensee wishes to compete, has tested positive for the HIV virus, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Hepatitis C Antibody, or illegal drugs or other substances. Accordingly, when an athlete applies for a license, the athlete must submit with the application a blood test report from a blood test conducted within the six (6) months preceding the application date. The blood test must have tested the athlete for HIV virus, Hepatitis B Surface Antigent, Hepatitis C Antibody, and illegal drugs and substances. Additionally, each combatant who is to compete in an event shall, at the start of the event, provide the Commission with a blood test report from a blood test conducted within the six (6) months immediately preceding the event. Additional blood tests may be requested by the Commission in its discretion.