ÔÇťAUTHORITY GRANTED BY WRITTEN AGREEMENT. Unless otherwise provided for by law, and pursuant to the terms of a written agreement executed between the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses (the Bureau) and the agency for which it shall act as authorized agent, the IBOL shall provide such services, and have and exercise such powers, duties and authority as the agreement shall specify." 67-2604, Idaho Code. 

In accordance with the Idaho statute noted above, the IBOL and the Board have entered into a Service Agreement, that outlines those services, powers, duties and authorities granted to and provided by the Bureau on behalf of the Board. The Service Agreement is renewed each fiscal year.

The complete Service Agreement and current renewal document may be viewed below.  The original signed document is maintained in electronic storage at the Bureauoffice and a copy may be requested by contacting the Bureau or the Board.

Service Contracts