By statute, rule, and written agreement, the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses (the Bureau) currently provides administrative, investigative, legal, & financial services to twenty-nine (29) individual professional regulatory bodies.

Through the provision of those services, the Bureau aids those entities in fulfilling their mandate of "providing for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of Idaho's general public".

The Bureau currently maintains over 60,000 professional, occupational, & facility regulatory records. The Bureau acts as the initial point of contact for applicants. We receive inquiries; provide licensure/registration information and the appropriate forms; receive completed applications; and process the required documentation of education, experience, and examination.

Our personnel assist in administering examinations by scheduling, preparing and distributing announcements; ordering, distributing, and returning exams; monitoring exams; and maintaining the security of examination materials.

Once an applicant has met the requirements for licensure/registration, and upon authorization of the appropriate regulatory body, the Bureau issues the license/registration to practice, maintains records, processes renewal applications, and provides information as requested.

The Bureau, through the investigative unit, also processes complaints. We receive and investigate complaints, provide for legal and professional reviews, make recommendations to the boards for complaint disposition, and provide for the prosecution of licensure law violations.

The Bureau staff also aids the boards with proposed law and rule changes. We provide legal counsel to advise the boards; facilitate discussions concerning need, mandate, and authority; prepare law & rule proposal drafts; and testify before the legislature on the regulatory bodies' behalf.

Our overriding mission at the IBOL is to provide quality services to those who contract with us. Through the provision of those services, the Bureau aids in fulfilling the regulatory mandate of "providing for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the general public."