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Minutes of September 16, 2005


ROLL CALL:        R. Alan Giltzow -Chair

                              Stanley A. Cole, Board Member

                              Nicholas Latham, Board Member

                              D. Nels Reese, Board Member

                              Paul Jensen, Board Member

                              Shelly Servick, Board Member


BUREAU PRESENT:    Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

VIA CONFERENCE    Sandee Hitesman, Administrative Assistant II

CALL                            Cherie Simpson, Management Assistant


OTHERS PRESENT:   Ray Hudson                                     


Meeting called to order at 9:06 a.m. Mountain Standard time, by chair Alan Giltzow. 

Motion by Mr. Cole to go into executive session to discuss personnel matters, seconded by Mr. Reese, carried.


Motion by Mr. Cole to come out of executive session, seconded by Mr. Latham, carried.


Board reviewed the minutes from the August 05, 2005 board meeting. 


Motion was made by Mr. Cole to approve the minutes from the August 05, 2005 board meeting as written.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried.  Mr. Reese and Ms. Servick abstained from this motion as they were not at this meeting.


The board discussed who to send to the NCARB meetings.  It was noted that all board members should attend these meetings.  Mr. Reese did note that the board should stay within their financial means.  The board would like the Bureau to put together a budget for the WCARB meeting in Tucson and the NCARB meeting in Cincinnati.


Board reviewed Correspondence.  There are changes in testing center locations.  It was noted that there were not any changes for the State of Idaho. 


Board reviewed a request to take the A.R.E. examination concurrent to completion of the IDP.  The board noted that the law does not allow this.  There are seven states who do allow this.  The board noted that a law change would need to be made.  It will take two years to get this through legislation.  The board will contact the seven states who are allowing this, and research how this is working for them.


Motion by Mr. Latham to have the chairman write a letter to all three candidates noting that the board is researching this, but currently Idaho law #54-302 prohibits this.  Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried.


Board reviewed CE waiver request by Mr. Dwight E Wilson.  The board noted that Mr. Wilson cannot be considered emeritus status, as he does practice part time.  The board noted that practicing Architects do need to complete continuing education.  The board asked the Bureau to send Mr. Wilson a letter stating that the board reviewed his request, and his hardship does not meet the criteria for a continuing education waiver.  The board understands and is sorry to hear about the hardship with taking care of his wife, but according to Idaho law, he does not qualify for a waiver. Send a copy of Nicholasís article for the 2005 newsletter. 


The board reviewed the CE waiver request for Nelson T. Miller.  The board denied Mr. Millerís request. 


The board reviewed the CE waiver request for Nat J Adams.  Mr. Adams is no longer practicing Architect, but would like to maintain his license.  The board denied Mr. Adams request, as there is not a hardship.


The board reviewed the CE waiver for Gregory Eby.  The board denied Mr. Ebyís request, as there is not a hardship.


The board asked that the fact that Idaho law does not allow for a retired status at this time, but the board is looking at a law change, be added to these letters.


Mr. Cole will review letters before they are sent.   


Investigative report.  For fiscal year 2006, no complaints have been received.  For fiscal year 2005, 11 complaints have been received.  2 referred for formal action, 8 under investigation, and one awaits board determination.  For fiscal year 2004, 19 complaints were received.  7 were closed, 2 were referred for formal action, and ten remain under investigation.  For fiscal year 2003, 6 complaints were received, 5 were closed, 1 was referred for formal action.  For fiscal year 2002, 3 complaints were received.  2 of these were closed, and one was referred for formal action. 


Board reviewed case:


Motion made by Mr. Cole to authorize closure of this case, seconded by Mr. Latham, carried. 


Motion by Mr. Latham to appoint, chairman, Mr. Giltzow to review complaint cases, including those in for formal action for the rest of 2005.  Mr. Giltzow will recuse himself from any formal board action.  Stan Cole will back-up Mr. Giltzow.  Mr. Cole will review different cases than Mr. Giltzow.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried. 


Mr. Giltzow would like to have copies of these cases ready for him to pick up on Oct. 03, 2005.


Financial Report:  Budget was $8,000.00 higher than last yearís budget.  The board has spent more this year, than last year.  The board is upset regarding the fees charged by NCARB for the national convention.  Board has spent 26% of fiscal years 2006 budget.  The board did have expenses for the NCARB Miami meeting.  Mr. Giltzowís meeting with Jim Yost and Rayola was noted that the cost of the Miami NCARB National meeting will be added to the $96,000.00 budget for fiscal year 2007, if they exceed their current budget.


The board will attempt to have all meetings held in Boise.  This will stay open for discussion. 


The next board meeting will be December 09, 2005 @ 9:00 a.m. at The Bureau of Occupational Licences. 


Meeting with Board of Engineers.  Was the board going to be granted honorarium payment for these?  It was noted that the board did make a motion to grant honorarium payments at the April board meeting.


Project of a large development is being done.  Developer was going to talk to board about this development.  This development is currently being done, and the board has not heard from developer.  It was noted that an Architect stamped the drawings with a Nevada stamp.  Did get a revised stamped drawing with Idaho stamp.  Board discussed sending the Architect a letter of warning.


All articles for the 2005 newsletter have not been received.  The board would like to include some complaint cases that are currently at the Attorney Generalís office that are about complete and could be placed in the newsletter once the board has made a decision on these cases. 


Motion was made by Mr. Latham to commend Mr. Jensen for time that was put into the combined workshop with the building officials, State Board of Architects, and the Board of Engineers.  Seconded by Mr. Reese, carried. 


Motion was made by Mr. Reese, to have the board send a thank-you letter to the Board of Engineers, Dave Curtis and Reginald Fuller, building official with city of Idaho Falls, regarding their support and assistance in this effort.  Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried.  


Board adjourned for lunch at 11:55 a.m.


Board reconvened at 2:00 p.m.


Board reviewed continuing education audits, request for continuing education approval, and applications for examination and licensure.


Motion was made by Mr. Cole to approve any UL1 seminars for HSW credits.  One hour is equal to one continuing education credit.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried.


Board reviewed continuing education request from Joseph Henry Wythe.


Motion was made by Mr. Jensen to approve Mr. Wythe's manuscript for 8 hrs. of continuing education credit for 2005 license renewal only.  Mr. Wythe will need to complete eight hours of approved continuing education after 2005 to maintain his Architect license.  Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried.


The board reviewed continuing education audits.


Motion was made by Mr. Cole to not approve the continuing education submitted by Larry Stricken.  Continuing education submitted showed inadequate documentation for all three items of continuing education.  Further documentation showing hours were obtained in Health, Safety, and Welfare needed.  Seconded by Mr. Reese, carried.


The Board asked that a letter be sent to Larry Cash noting that the board is accepting the submission of continuing education for 2005, but strongly suggest records of seminars, seminar providers, and continuing education credits given be submitted.


The following applications were approved for examination:


Matthew Witt

Gretchen Wagner

Jeremy Fredrichs


The following applications were approved for licensure.


Jon Hartronft

Michael Alldredge

Christopher Doering

George Tubb

Jarod Anderson

Casey Huse

Ken Gallegos

John Rice

John King


Motion was made by Mr. Latham to adjourn at 4:08 p.m. Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried.


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