Idaho State Board of

 Architectural Examiners

Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street, Suite 220


Minutes of May 18, 2007

Board Meeting



ROLL CALL:              Paul Jensen, Chair

                                    R. Alan Giltzow, Board Member

                                    Stanley Cole, Board Member

                                    Nicholas Latham, Board Member

                                    Shelly Servick, Board Member

                                    D. Nels Reese, Board Member


BUREAU STAFF:       Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                    Carrie Gilstrap, Secretary


ALSO PRESENT:       Michael Gilmore, Deputy Attorney General


The meeting was called to order at 9:00am




A motion was made by Alan Giltzow to approve the minutes as corrected for February 8, 2007. Seconded by Stan Cole, motion carried.




Tana Cory presented the legislative report, stating that the Governor approved a revised budget for the Bureau which includes the addition of new staff members.  The Board asked if adding additional investigative staff would still mean they are falling behind on investigations given the addition of the contractors board. Budd Hetrick stated that it will definitely help given the resources the Bureau has.



Budd Hetrick presented the financial report to the Board. Nick Latham requests to have a report in September that will show the past five year trend in revenue.




Budd Hetrick presented the investigative report to the Board.


Michael Gilmore, Deputy Attorney General, presented a stipulation order in which the said licensee agreed to sign. The Board stated they would like consistency on the order for the amount of the fee. A motion was made by Alan Giltzow to approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the agreement against Robert E. Johnson, AR-1854. Seconded by Nathan Latham, motion carried.



The Board gave Mr. Gilmore direction as to how to proceed with the complaint.



 The Board gave Mr. Gilmore direction as to how to proceed with the complaint.


Roger Hales discussed the matters that went before the legislative committee which included having jurisdiction over unlicensed professionals. He stated the bill was assigned to a sponsor on the floor. The sponsor presented the bill and an attorney argued against it. The Chairman of the business committee asked the speaker to transfer it back to the committee. The decision was made to not go forward with the process at this time and to revisit the issue as a Board.


Alan Giltzow recommended inserting an article in the newsletter to inform architects to contact their legislatures or to send a letter to all licenses architects regarding this issue. Roger stated he would try and find out what the problems are and neutralize them.


A motion was made by Nick Latham to continue to pursue the law change for jurisdiction over practicing without a license and to have Roger Hales follow up with attorney Luker and Chairman Max Black by drafting a letter. Alan Giltzow seconded, motion carried.


A conference call in August will be held to discuss the progress.




This letter requests for the Idaho Board of architects to acknowledge their firm is in compliance with Idaho Statute 54-316 on foreign partnership/corporate practice. A motion was made by Stan Cole to direct council to respond to the Callison letter. Shelly Servick seconded, motion carried.




This letter is requesting the Board to offer a brief written summary highlighting the relevant provisions of the licensure statutes, why those laws are important to safe guard the public welfare, and why violation of the laws should not be tolerated. The purpose of this letter, they state, would assist the Supreme Court in understanding the seriousness of laws and the important role they play in regulating unlicensed practice of architecture in Idaho.


The Board has agreed to allow the attorney of this letter draft a brief for the Board to review.


A motion was made by Alan Giltzow stating the Board would be happy to consider filing an amieus curiae brief and would consider filing this based upon preparation by Douglas Aanesttad, attorney, after its review by board council. Seconded by Stan Cole, motion carried.




The Board reviewed letters submitted by licensee AR-530 regarding the renewal of his license. Roger Hales stated he would follow up with this inquiry.


The Board reviewed a letter submitted by AR-593 regarding his continuing education hours to update his licensure status. The Board suggested he self report the seminars he taught to students and submit this documentation to update his license.   


The Board reviewed a letter submitted by Kimberly Phelps regarding her application for licensure. A motion was made by Nels Reese authorizing the Board secretary to issue the license to Kimberly Phelps based upon the receipt of application documents establishing she meets the endorsement requirement. Nick Latham seconded, motion carried.


A motion was made by Nick Latham to have Bureau staff revise the licensure application to delete the request for continuing education documentation. Seconded by Stan Cole, motion carried.


A motion was made by Stan Cole to have Bureau staff revise the licensure application to delete the request for three letters of references. Shelly Servick seconded, motion carried.




A motion was made by Nick Latham to approve the expenditures for five Board members to attend the annual meeting. Seconded by Stan Cole, motion carried.


The next meeting was scheduled for September 14th, 2007 at 9:30 a.m.


A motion was made by Nick Latham to re-elect Paul Jensen as the Board Chair and Shelly Servick as the Vice-Chair. Seconded by Stan Cole, motion carried.


The Board has asked for the Bureau staff to check on the emeritus status for previously licensed architects. 


A motion was made by Stan Cole to go into executive session to discuss applications exempt from public disclosure. Seconded by Nick Latham, motion carried.


A motion was made by Stan Cole to come out of executive session. Seconded by Alan Giltzow, motion carried.




The following applications were approved for licensure:


AR       984727            ALCORN WILLIAM WRIGHT JR.

AR       984668            BEYER JOHN H

AR       984785            BOILEAU ROBERT GEORGE

AR       984124            BROWN RUSSELL L

AR       984320            BUTLER DANIEL HUBBARD

AR       984780            CASEY PAUL J

AR       984576            CHAFEE ROBERT S JR.

AR       984762            COLE MICHAEL 

AR       984625            CROCKETT WILLIAM DAVID

AR       984774            DAILEY, MARK ALAN

AR       984769            DEKOLD, KEVIN BRIAN

AR       984783            FISHER, DOUGLAS TODD

AR       984773            FRANK, THOMAS P

AR       984714            FREDEEN, JAMES HUGO

AR       984804            GEOGHEGAN, JOSEPH A

AR       984758            GUENTHER, CARY 

AR       984763            HANSEN, JOHN ORRIS

AR       984595            HEADLEY, MARK BARNET

AR       984768            HOCHSTRASSER, GARY WAYNE

AR       984743            IVINS, BRUCE DAVID

AR       984639            JENEFSKY, MARC 

AR       984775            JOHNSON, BRIAN ROBERT

AR       984770            JOHNSON, MATTHEW CRAIG

AR       984689            KARIM, FAROOQ S

AR       984772            KELLEY, CAITLIN BRIDGET ANN

AR       984782            KLEIN, GREG JOSEPH

AR       984703            KREISLE, MATTHEW F III

AR       984574            LIEDERMAN, JEFFERY STEVEN

AR       984800            LOHMEYER, JAMES S

AR       984683            LOHSE, JAMES BRIAN

AR       984647            MCGRATH, MARY CATHERINE

AR       984116            MOHAZAB, AHMAD

AR       984789            MOSES, SCOTT 

AR       984766            ONEILL, MICHAEL SCOT

AR       984794            PERRIN, ANDRE 

AR       984761            PFIEFER, DAVID CLINE

AR       984810            PHELPS, KIMBERLY ANN

AR       984790            REISENBICHLER, THOMAS HAROLD

AR       984799            ROLLINS, CHAD HAMILTON

AR       984765            SHELDON, THOMAS FRANCIS

AR       984797            SMITH, DONALD RICHARD

AR       984798            SMITH, REX 

AR       984796            ST GEORGE, CONNIE LYNN

AR       984786            STAINSLAW, RALPH M

AR       984781            TILLEMANS, LORRAINE 

AR       984778            TINSON, A JAMES

AR       984771            WANDERSEE, JASON 

AR       984803            WHITE, DOUGLAS 

AR       984673            WIEMKEN, RICHARD A

AR       984740            WITKIN, MICHAEL 

AR       984776            WRONSKI, PAMELA JEAN

AR       984754            WURL, SCOTT DOUGLAS

AR       984784            YOUNG, CHARLES EDWARD


The following applications were approved for examination:











A motion was made by Nels Reese to draft a letter to the following applicants regarding the deficiencies within their file:


Applicant ID 901092030

Applicant ID 901090222

Applicant ID 901089446


The Board would like to re-review the reinstatement procedure/rule for when a license has lapsed beyond five years to include the requirement for payment of back fees, a personal interview, and a requirement for proof of continuing education.


The Board presented Alan Giltzow with a plaque of recognition for his ten years of service with the Idaho State Architectural Examiners Board.


A motion was made by Alan Giltzow to adjourn the meeting at 2:30 p.m. Seconded by Nick Latham, motion carried.