Idaho State Board of Architects

Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main St., Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702


Minutes of September 22, 2006

Board Meeting



ROLL CALL:        Paul Jensen -Chair

                              Stanley A. Cole, Board Member

                              Nicholas Latham, Board Member

                              R. Alan Giltzow, Board Member

                              Shelly Servick, Board Member




BUREAU PRESENT:     Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

   Bill Schaefer, Deputy Bureau Chief

   Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

   Karl Klein, Deputy Attorney General

   Maria Brown, Technical Records Specialist I


Meeting called to order at 11:50 a.m. Mountain Standard time, by Chair, Mr. Paul Jensen.

The board reviewed the minutes from the April 14, 2006 board meeting.

Motion made by Mr. Cole to accept the minutes with amendments. Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.


The board discussed letter sent from an applicant requesting clarification on the NCARB rolling clock.


Motion made by Mr. Latham to draft a letter to the applicant and carbon copy NCARB clarifying the NCARB rolling clock. Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried.


Board discussed email sent from Jean Williams asking various states if candidates can begin the ARE exams early. Idaho does not allow candidates to take the ARE early. All requirements must be met and the board must approve a candidate to begin taking the ARE exams.


Ms. Jacobsen, Bureau Chief, explained the hiring and training process of investigators in the Bureau. Currently the Bureau has a full staff. In the future, Ms. Jacobson would recommend that all board members complete training twice a year in laws and procedures.


Ms. Jacobsen gave the financial report. As of 9/26/2006 the board has $34,635.17 in appropriation with a cash balance of $167,255.75. The budgeting process is in a new fiscal year. The Board discussed the increase in budget and reviewed how much was used in the last fiscal year on travel expenses. The total spent on travel expenses for fiscal year 2006 was $23,782.70.


Ms. Jacobsen reviewed with the Board their contract with the Bureau of Occupational licenses.


Motion made by Mr. Latham to approve and authorize the chair, Mr. Jensen, to sign the contract on behalf of the Board. Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried.


The Board reviewed the proposed rule change grants authorization to the Board to investigate and discipline unlicensed individuals upon receiving a complaint. The board discussed the current process of investigation, discipline, and penalty amount.


Motion made by Mr. Cole to change the fee to $2000.00 in the proposed law change. Seconded by Mr. Latham, carried.


Motion made by Mr. Cole to approve proposed law change. Seconded by Mr. Latham, carried.

Ms. Jacobsen, Bureau Chief, gave the legislative report.

The board broke for lunch at 12:20 p.m.


Meeting called back to order at 12:55 p.m.


Ms. Jacobsen gave the investigative report.

FY2007: To date, one (1) complaint has been received and is under investigation.

FY2006: Three (3) complaints were received.  Two (2) have been closed; and one (1) remains under investigation.

FY-2005: Eleven (11) complaints were received. Seven (7) have been closed; one (1) remains under investigation; two (2) have been referred for legal review; and one (1) awaits Board determination.

FY-2004: Nineteen (19) complaints were received. Nine (9) were closed; eight (8) were referred for legal review; and two (2) remain under investigation.

The Board requested investigative reports to be more detailed.


ARC-B6A-0-2005-2: Motion was made by Mr. Giltzow to approve the recommendation of the Bureau to authorize closure with an advisory letter. Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried.


Mr. Karl Klein, Deputy Attorney General, presented the following consent agreements for board recommendations:


ARC 2005-4 and ARC-2006-8: The Board discussed similar complaints and would like discipline to be consistent across the board. Mr. Klein will review previous cases to determine discipline. The Board requests that Mr. Cole review ARC-2006-8.


The Board discussed scheduling conference calls when there are several cases that need to be reviewed with the recommendation that this process be implemented.


The board reviewed continuing education audits.


The board scheduled the next board meeting for December 8, 2006.


The Board reviewed applications and following discussion a motion was made by Mr. Latham to deny an application for examination based on Rule 250.02. The motion also authorized the board secretary to draft a letter outlining the pertinent rule and advising applicant to attend the December board meeting if he has questions for the board. Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.


Motion made by Mr. Latham to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried.