Idaho State Board of Architects

Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main St., Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702


Minutes of February 3, 2006




ROLL CALL:                                    R. Alan Giltzow- Chair

                                                            Stanley A. Cole, Board Member

                                                            Nicholas Latham, Board Member

                                                            Paul Jensen, Board Member

                                                            Shelly Servick, Board Member



BUREAU PRESENT:                       Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                                            Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                            Sandee Hitesman, Administrative Assistant II

                                                            Treasa Hobson, Technical Records Specialist I


OTHERS PRESENT:                        Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney



Meeting called to order at 9:02 a.m. Mountain Standard Time, by Chair Alan Giltzow.


Board reviewed the minutes from the board meeting.


Mr. Stanley Cole moved to amend and approve the board minutes of December 9, 2005 to show that Mr. Roger Hales was present.  Seconded, by Ms. Shelly Servick.  Motion carried.  Mr. Nels Reese abstained from this motion as he was not present at the previous meeting. 


Ms. Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief, gave the legislative report.  House bill #539- as requested by the Board, will be scheduled for hearing in the House Business Committee. The Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors & an independent engineering group have indicated that they have no objections.


Ms. Shelly Servick questioned the process of  Legislative Routing Slip numbers in response to which Ms. Jacobsen explained the process to the board members.


The Board discussed the estimate of total contractors that may be registered with the conclusion that the estimate of 17,000 is a reasonable number.


Ms. Jacobsen gave the financial report to the board in Mr. Hetrick’s absence.  The Board budget for Fiscal Year 2006 was set at $96,000 which is an increase from $87,000.  As of January 31st, 2006 the Boards expenses total $76,613.00 which is 79.81% of their total budget.  The amount remaining to fund expenses to the end of the Fiscal Year, June 30, 2006 is $19,386.20.


Ms. Rayola Jacobsen gave the Investigative Report as follows:  In 2006 there have been 2 complaints.  Of those, one (1) remains under investigation; and one (1) awaits Board determination.  In 2005 eleven (11) complaints were received.  Six (6) have been closed; three (3) remain under investigation; and two (2) have been referred for legal review.  In 2004 nineteen (19) complaints were received, nine (9) were closed; eight (8) were referred for legal review; and two (2) remain under investigation. 


Mr. Hales presented Case # ARC2005-3 Stipulation & Consent Order to the board members for their review.  Motion was made by Mr. Latham to approve case #ARC 2005-3 as presented.  Seconded, by Mr. Cole.  Motion carried. 


Motion was made by Mr. Cole to direct Mr. Hales to write a letter to the Attorney General’s office to inquire if Title 18 Chapter 32 can be used in Advisory Letters.

Seconded, by Mr. Jensen.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Mr. Cole to direct the Attorney Generals office to send a Cease and Desist letter to unlicensed draftsman.  Seconded, by Mr. Jensen.  Motion carried.


New Business.


Board discussed the WSCARB & NCARB Registrations and who will attend.


Motion was made by Mr. Cole to send Ms. Servick, Mr. Reese, Mr. Giltzow and Mr. Jensen to the Tucson Meeting, and pay appropriate expenses.  Seconded by Mr. Latham.  Motion carried.


Motion was made by Mr. Latham to send appropriate people to Cincinnati in June of this year; 2006 and pay appropriate expenses.  Seconded by Mr. Cole.  Motion carried.


Board determined that WSCARB & NCARB would pay for Mr. Reese’s travel.  Motion was made by Mr. Jensen to send Ms. Servick on the 26th through the 28th to the University of Idaho and approve expenses.  Mr. Cole will attend the CRIT session on the 28th and one other member of the board to be appointed at a later date.  Seconded by Mr. Latham.  Motion carried.


CE Audits were reviewed and approved.


Motion was made by Mr. Cole, if an applicant is denied by board for not enough CE hours; the IBOL staff has the authority to issue the license when all of the units are obtained.  Seconded by Mr. Latham.  Motion carried.


Review of Applications with those approved for licensure shown below:



Names of Approved Licensees:


            Ryan T. Neary                       AR984242

            James E. Furr                         AR984493

            Austin T. Gray                       AR984562

            Chris Alan Lindsay                AR984572

            Peter O’Conner                      AR984578

            Leif Eric Hanson                    AR984589

            Joseph N. Brancato               AR984592





Next meeting date is scheduled for April 14, 2006 at 9:00 a.m.


Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Reese.  Seconded by Mr. Latham.  Motion Carried. 


Meeting adjourned at 11:40 p.m.