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Bureau of Occupational Licenses
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February 4, 2005


Roll Call:              Stan Cole, Chair

Paul Jensen 

Shelly Servick

Nicholas Latham

D. Nels Reese

R. Alan Giltzow


Present:              Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                             Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                             Sandee Hitesman, Secretary

Meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Chair, Stan Cole. 

Motion was made by Mr. Latham to revise the minutes from the December 01, 2004 board meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried.

Motion was made by Ms. Servick to approve the January 10, 2005 minutes as written.  Seconded by Mr. Latham, carried.

Discussion was held on value and amount learned while serving on committee’s and boards.  It was noted that a majority of other states do not accept continuing education credits for serving on boards and committee’s.  The board decided that continuing education for serving on boards and committee’s would not be accepted at this time.

Ms. Jacobsen gave the legislative report.  The board has two proposals pending in the legislature.  One proposal limits the exemptions to three units.  The second proposal allows the board to participate in PERSI.  Both of these proposals will be heard on Monday at a print hearing.  The Board of Engineers and the Association of Engineers have been contacted and are in support of the proposal to limit the exemption to three units.  There has not been any opposition to this proposal. 

Ms. Jacobsen gave the financial report.  As of December 31, 2004, the board had $25,217.66 left in appropriation with a cash balance of $188,113.99.  The board had used 71.34% of their budget for this fiscal year.  The board asked for an estimate of their investigative costs for the next six months.  It was noted that these costs couldn’t be estimated, as the investigative unit does not know all the costs related to an investigation, until that investigation is completed.  Ms. Jacobsen noted that Risk Management will cover the costs related to former board member, R.G. Nelsen’s, lawsuit.  R.G. Nelsen will also be defended by the Attorney General’s office.  Ms. Jacobsen noted that travel expenses and the National Association dues have increased dramatically for all boards. 

Motion was made by Mr. Latham to send a minimum of two board members, and a maximum of three board members to the regional meeting in Memphis this year.  The next board meeting will be scheduled for the end of April or first of May to be held in Northern Idaho, and to send the entire board to the National meeting in Miami Florida.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.

Mr. Hales discussed the NCARB Model Law.  5.1, rules of conduct, were reviewed.  It was noted that Architect rule #550-04 defines responsible control, although the board calls it direct supervision.  The board asked about adopting the entire NCARB model law.  Mr. Hales stated that this would be a huge process, and would probably create a lot of opposition.  The board discussed Architects who hire drafting services from other states and countries.  It was noted that the NCARB model law does direct this by stating that without direct supervision, this is not responsible control.  It was also noted that the NCARB model law states that supervision can be done from long distance if records are kept on how supervision was done, and of all contact.  It was noted that emeritus status is also noted in the NCARB model law. The board discussed adding this to Idaho’s Architectural law.  It was noted that legislation to this regard would be very difficult to get through the legislature.  Rules of conduct and responsible control would be a good article for the annual newsletter.

Motion was made by Mr. Latham to direct administrative attorney, Roger Hales, and board member Paul Jensen to draft proposed changes to Idaho Architecture law and rule, being careful that language does not construe that plan stamping is allowed, and bring to the next board meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.  The board noted that a copy of this language might want to be submitted to R.G. Nelsen.

The board asked about the ongoing investigation of ARC-B5-03-04-9.  Ms. Jacobsen noted that currently the Attorney General’s office is waiting on a response from the respondent.   Ms. Jacobsen will contact the Deputy Attorney General for an update on this case.

The board discussed concerns with complaints that would only require an advisory letter, and the costs to the board for the investigation.  It was discussed if the board could send out the advisory letter, without a complaint being filed?  Mr. Hales noted that this would not be considered disciplinary action against the licensee’s license, but that the board would be able to send out advisory letters without a complaint being filed.  The board currently has received a letter stating an unlicensed person is advertising with the word “Architectural”.  The board directed Attorney, Roger Hales, to draft a letter to this unlicensed person asking them to cease this type of advertising. 

Ms. Jacobsen gave the investigative report.  There have been five complaints for fiscal year 2005.  All of these complaints are under investigation.  There were 20 complaints for fiscal year 2004.  Seven of those have been closed without action, one was referred for formal action, and twelve remain open and under investigation.

NCARB’s rolling clock was discussed.  This would require passage of all portions of the A.R.E. within five years.  The board discussed adding the five-year deadline for passing the A.R.E. to Idaho’s law and rule.  Administrative Attorney, Roger Hales, will draft some proposed language for this.  The board noted they would like this piece of legislation ran in a separate bill.

The board reviewed correspondence received from Full Circle Studios.  The board will invite Full Circle Studios to the April 28, 2005 board meeting to discuss their concerns.  The board asked attorney, Roger Hales, to write a letter to Full Circle Studios thanking them for their comments and inviting them to this board meeting to discuss their concerns with the board.  E-mail a copy of this letter to board chairman, Stan Coles.

The board discussed a request from an applicant to review his scores for a portion of the A.R.E. that he failed.  The board approved his request.

Motion was made by Mr. Reese to break for lunch at 11:45 a.m.  Seconded by Mr. Latham and carried.

Meeting was called back to order at 1:30 p.m. by chair, Mr. Coles.

Continuing Education audits were reviewed.

Motion was made by Mr. Latham to approve all continuing education audits presented.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried.

The board reviewed requests for approval of continuing education seminars.

Motion was made by Mr. Jensen to approve the seminar, “Installation of Radon Control Systems in New Buildings” for 4 continuing education hours.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.

Motion was made by Mr. Jensen to approve the seminar, “Developing Urban Centers”, for 3 continuing education hours.  Seconded by Mr. Reese, carried.

Motion was made by Mr. Latham to approve the seminar, “Current Construction Law Issues: AIA Contract and Beyond” for 6.5 continuing education hours, and the seminar, “Fundamentals of the IBC 2003, A Comparison”, for 7.5 continuing education hours.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.

The board would like to have the 2005 annual newsletter ready for distribution this fall.  Mr. Reese would like to submit an article for the newsletter on Health, Safety and Welfare.  The board asked that discussion for topics for the 2005 annual newsletter along with a schedule, be put on the agenda for the next board meeting.

It was noted that the next Board of Engineer’s board meeting is scheduled for April 14, 15, and 16th in Pocatello.

The board asked if an affidavit for continuing education had been sent to all licensees’ who did not receive one with their 2005 renewal?  The Bureau will send this out.

The board noted that the State of Washington is currently proposing legislation to require a license for interior design.

The board reviewed applications for examination and licensure.

The following applications were approved for licensure:

Danielle Weaver
James Whaley
Charles Matsinger
Ronald Radziner
Paul Tjelta
Alan Godfrey
Charles Starck
Daniel Farmer
Marla Carson
Larry Blackledge
Robert Marshall

The following applications were approved for examination:

Joseph Peavey
James Zane
Eric Wandmacher
James Escobar

The board approved Jeffrey Stewart for licensure upon return of signed reference letter.

The next board meeting was scheduled for April 28, 2005 @ 8:00 a.m. to be held in Moscow Idaho.

Motion was made by Ms. Servick to adjourn at 3:15 p.m.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.


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